Laser cutting / laser engraving: all the benefits at a glance.



Why switch to using lasers? - You can learn about this under the following topics. Compare your current processing methods with those of the JustLaser laser machines and contact us so we can calculate how you’ll benefit in the form of a profitability calculation.

  • Precise edges: laser technology impresses with extremely precise edges. Even the smallest cuts can be carried out quickly and simply. The technology is also more efficient: milled edges often need to be mechanically polished or finished. In laser cutting, this is done automatically in just one step.
  • Precise incisions: laser machines from JustLaser can make cuts more quickly and more easily than a cutting plotter. The incisions are also more precise than those of a number of popular technologies. Complex shapes and designs are no problem for the laser.
  • Laser technology: lasers impress due to how little noise they produce.
  • Maximum cleanliness: lasers vaporise material through the bundling and concentration of light. This means no chips are formed. That means workspaces stay clean and hygienic. Your employees don’t then have to clean up chips, which makes the process significantly quicker and more efficient.
  • No fixing necessary: In laser cutting, a material can be processed without touching it and without the application of force. This means that the area around the cut remains undamaged, even with deep cuts. The material will not be damaged or warped. That means buying a holding device is unnecessary.
  • No material wear: the laser beam does not get worn out by material processing, meaning there are no extra costs for material wear or tool changing in comparison with conventional engraving machines.
  • Easy to integrate into work processes: the laser machine can be integrated into existing work processes quickly and easily. You can create the file in your graphics program of choice and simply send it to the laser machine using a print command.
  • Efficient technology: hardly any technology is considered to be as efficient as the laser. Precise and high-quality laser engravings can be produced in seconds flat.
  • Great flexibility: JustLaser laser machines can be used to cut any material – whether it’s metal, wood, plastic, textiles, paper, sealing rings, type plates, Delrin, rubber or stone. With water jet cutting, caution must be exercised with highly absorbent materials like wood and with any materials for which the penetration of moisture could result in corrosion.
  • Enjoy benefits with JustLaser: at JustLaser, relatively low investment risks meet low set-up costs and a variety of potential applications. This makes our laser machines a sensible investment for companies of any size! Switch from a classic engraving machine and you too can benefit by going for one of our highly efficient devices.
  • High quality: enjoy the highest standards of quality – for both individual production and mass production. Low-wear and low-maintenance laser cutting means there is almost no loss of quality, and the results always impress with their maximum precision!


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