Laser technology can be found in a wide variety of fields. A wide variety of applications and processes can be carried out using concentrated light.

At JustLaser, our team of experts has specialised in laser engraving and cutting processes. Our laser machines are among the best in the industry and you’ll be convinced by our entire range! Benefit from comparatively low production costs, top levels of productivity and the highly flexible possible applications.

  • Top levels of precision and flexibility: regardless of whether it’s laser cutting or engraving, the methods are characterised by top levels of precision and give you a lot of flexibility when designing your project and choosing your materials.
  • Maximum efficiency: Switch from conventional engraving machines and benefit from a comparably low investment risk, low production costs, low cycle times and numerous automation options with JustLaser laser machines. If you purchase your own laser engraving machine, it will pay for itself after 1 to 2 years on average. We’ll be happy to calculate your return on investment (ROI)!
  • High time and cost efficiency: In contrast with classical engraving machines, laser engraving and cutting is contactless. That means that the material does not need to be clamped, meaning that there will be no tool marks. It also means that there is no time-consuming retooling as you don’t need to change tools.
  • Clean and quiet: As laser engraving can generate a lot of dust, a practical and efficient suction system is beneficial. It ensures maximum cleanliness. Laser machines also win people over due to their low noise emissions in comparison to other technologies.
  • Continuous quality: Whether it’s one-off or serial production, JustLaser laser machines always ensure consistently high standards of quality.
  • Easy to use: Designs are created in the usual graphics programs and loaded into the laser controller via the JustLaser Cockpit Laser software. You can use it to activate pre-defined parameter sets for typical applications. Furthermore, laser parameters (in particular: output, feed speed and frequency) can be finetuned according to the material and application. For maximum quality at high efficiency!



There are a wide variety of applications which can be carried out using the laser machines from JustLaser. This is of interest for a wide range of industries, such as advertising materials, digital printing, acrylic processing, contract production, metal processing, joineries, stamp makers, the jewellery industry, the automotive industry, stonemasons, textile processing, embossing pliers with Delrin, medical technology, mechanical engineering and many more.

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