Quickly and easily cut styrofoam with laser

When laser cutting styrofoam, precision and a clean cut are key.
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Cutting styrofoam with laser

Whether as an insulating material, packaging, in model making or arts and crafts - Styrofoam finds numerous applications both in industry and in many areas of everyday life. For cuts of all kinds, the laser process is becoming increasingly popular. After all, Styrofoam laser cutting is an efficient and convincing alternative to conventional processing methods.

Multi-talent Styrofoam

Styropor is a coarse-pored EPS rigid foam. The starting material is styrene, which, mixed with water and with the addition of the blowing agent pentane, forms into bead-shaped granules, expandable polystyrene (EPS). When this granulate is heated under steam, it expands to 50 times its original size and bonds. After a certain storage time, the resulting Styropor blocks are cut into sheets.

All-rounder Styropor

Styropor is particularly light, has excellent insulation properties against heat and cold, and is resistant to mechanical and chemical influences. Due to its harmlessness to building biology and health, Styropor is used in numerous areas of life and industry. As a construction and insulating material, the material can be found on almost every building site today, but is also used for the attractive design of facades and in road construction. Packaging made of Styropor protects sensitive equipment during transport and is also frequently used in the food sector. Due to its low density, the material is popular in model making.

In addition, objects made of Styrofoam are also becoming increasingly popular. Whether as 3D room decoration for an extraordinary interior design, 3D logo with wow effect, decoration for trade fairs and events or backdrop for theater and film - there are no limits to your creativity in Styrofoam laser cutting thanks to our innovative JustLaser.

Laser cutting styrofoam quickly and efficiently

Anyone who wants to cut Styrofoam is well advised to use a high-quality JustLaser laser cutter due to the thermoplastic properties of the plastic. In Styrofoam laser cutting, the surface of the material is heated by the impact of the laser beam to such an extent that it melts or vaporizes completely. In this way, particularly precise and fine cuts can be achieved - regardless of whether you want to cut simple shapes or unusual geometries. In addition, when laser cutting Styrofoam, you benefit from smooth edges without color changes.

Decisive advantages in processing by laser cutter

In addition to its high precision and speed, the process offers several decisive advantages over alternative processes. If Styrofoam is processed with a knife, strong pressure must be applied to the material. This usually leads to material distortion and unclean cut edges. With waterjet cutting, on the other hand, too much moisture can be absorbed into the material during cutting. This is not the case with laser cutting - since the method is contactless, no fixing or clamping of the material is required for processing. Thus, no pressure is applied, which means that even sensitive materials can be processed gently.

A JustLaser also stands out for its versatility and flexibility when it comes to Styrofoam laser cutting: The high precision of the JustLaser makes it possible to implement even filigree contours quickly and with pinpoint accuracy. In addition, the laser cutters from JustLaser are suitable for the production of individual prototypes as well as for the serial production of products - and all this with consistently high quality.

The integration of the laser into existing work processes is just as simple as the cutting process itself: Designs are simply created in the familiar design program and sent to the laser machine via a digital interface.

Our Laser machines

Five hard-hitting reasons to choose laser cutters from JustLaser

Styrofoam laser cutting is growing in popularity, and it's no wonder. Five incisive reasons speak for investing in a laser machine from JustLaser:

  • Flexibility and precision: whether large format or filigree cuts, one-off production or high margins, Styrofoam, wood or metal - the flexible laser cutters from JustLaser offer an extensive range of possibilities, because the process is suitable for almost any material surface. Almost any design can be implemented at the touch of a button - entirely without retooling. At the same time, the laser impresses with the highest precision and exact repeatability.
  • Perfect cut edges: Thanks to the super pulsed laser tube of the JustLaser laser cutter, you benefit from more power for your applications. Since the high power leads to faster evaporation of the material in the kerf, you get smooth edges without color change when laser cutting styrofoam.
    High cleanliness: Styrofoam laser cutting is a particularly clean process. Since cutting is virtually dust-free, no residue remains on the tool or on the work surface.
  • Optimum cost control: Since laser cutting is a non-contact process, there are no additional expenses for consumables or tool wear. Maintenance costs are also kept to a minimum. The costs of laser cutting are therefore easy to calculate, which guarantees ideal cost-effectiveness.
  • Efficient processes: With JustLaser, you acquire a high-quality laser machine with user-friendly operation that impresses with fast throughput rates and high productivity with a comparatively low investment risk. Production costs are therefore comparatively low.

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