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Engrave cups and trophies with JustLaser Laser Engravers.
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Despite the broad range of applications, cup engraving is still one of the most popular possible uses of laser processes. Whether it’s sporting awards, commemorative coins, company awards, name plates on cups or medals – you can produce unique, creative trophies for any occasion.

Wherever a personalised cup or trophy is needed, the innovative laser engravers from JustLaser have the optimal processing method for you. You can choose the material just as flexibly as the shape, size and lettering you put on the award – because metal, wood and plastic can all be processed simply and efficiently using the modern laser machines from JustLaser. Be won over by our precise devices ad benefit from a low investment risk and high productivity.


Design and produce individual and unique trophies from a wide range of materials, customise pre-existing products or add signs with artistic lettering – engraving cups with JustLaser laser machines makes it possible! Our laser engravers are easy to operate, flexible and produce creative awards with a certain something. The modern devices are quick, efficient and cost-effective for both individual and serial production. The following areas of application enjoy great popularity:

  • Cups
  • Badges
  • Trophies
  • Commemorative plaques
  • Signs, etc.



A variety of materials can be processed for engraving cups with JustLaser Laser Engravers, for example:

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Grossly simplified, the surface of the material, regardless of the material chosen, is vaporised or oxidised under the heat of the laser, thus creating a permanent marking. Only you choose how this marking should look. The efficient laser engravers from JustLaser can produce practically any design accurately and precisely.

Furthermore, the innovative laser technology can also be used to cut a variety of materials for producing your trophies and cups. Lasers produce a precise and fine cutting edge, making post-processing unnecessary.

Another benefit of JustLaser laser machines is how simple they are to use. While alternative technologies such as CNC milling require complex programming, laser processing is simple. Designs are created in your usual software and sent digitally to the laser. In the JustLaser Cockpit laser software you can choose from the existing parameters for your material. If necessary, you can always make your own settings for further optimisation.


You can rely on both fibre lasers and CO2 lasers for engraving cups. Fibre lasers are particularly suitable for processing (marking and cutting) bare and coated metals and alloys. In order to mark metals using a CO2 laser, you need to use laser marking agents, which must be applied to the material before the process and removed again afterwards. CO2 lasers also cut organic substances like acrylic, textiles, wood and plastic. Whether you go for a JustLaser fibre laser or CO2 laser – our laser machines will win people over with their excellent results and ease of use.


Whether it’s metal, plastic or marble – you can enjoy a number of benefits and use the laser machines from JustLaser to engrave cups. Produce trophies and awards quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, JustLaser laser machines win people over with a relatively low investment risk, low production costs and a high throughput.

  • Maximum precision guarantees optimal results – even with fine details
  • Extremely flexible when it comes to material selection
  • Maximum design freedom for cup engraving
  • Particularly user-friendly thanks to extremely simple operation
  • Gentle on materials, even for delicate materials, due to contactless processing
  • Clamping workpieces is unnecessary
  • Significantly quicker and more efficient than comparable engraving processes
  • Produces high-contrast, permanent and abrasion-resistant inscriptions
  • No costs for consumable materials or tool wear
  • No retooling necessary
  • Simple post-production and consistently high quality

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