Producing permanent QR codes and barcodes with a laser

Marking products with serial numbers or barcodes
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Marking QR Codes, Barcodes and Serial numbers

Marking products with serial numbers or barcodes is of particular relevance in any industry in which the traceability of components must be guaranteed for the safety and technical reasons. Produce permanent logos, serial numbers, QR codes or barcodes with the highly-efficient laser engravers from JustLaser! Our laser machines can engrave or mark almost any surface – soft metals, hard metals or alloys. JustLaser Laser Engravers work quickly and precisely to produce convincing results for both individual and mass production.

Industrial Laser Marking

In a number of industries – such as medical technology, the electronic industry and the automotive industry – products, machine parts, devices and individual components must be permanently traceable. As laser marking is not only forgery-proof but is also extremely resistant to thermal and mechanical stress, our efficient JustLaser technology is often used for marking products with serial numbers or barcodes. The process is not only particularly advantageous for safety and technical reasons, it is also popular when resilient product marking is requested as protection against forgery or coding to ensure permanent traceability. The laser machines from JustLaser, particularly the laser markers, can be used for marking both metal and plastic, and are usually used for making the following marks:

  • Product labels
  • Serial numbers, batch numbers
  • QR codes, barcodes, data matrix codes, etc.

What is product marking for?

Serial numbers, batch numbers, QR codes, barcodes and data matrix codes contain important information on properties like production data of individual components. They are usually prescribed by law, meaning they must be durable and resilient. When marking products with serial numbers or barcodes using a laser engraver, a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials can be processed as precisely and quickly as dynamic data. As in this case, marking does not have any profit-increasing properties, unlike in the creative industry, it needs to be as efficient and cheap as possible. The laser machines from JustLaser offer some unique benefits in this regard when it comes to marking, especially the laser markers: whether it’s individual or mass production – individual components can be marked quickly and easily without any preparation or extra consumable materials.

Our laser machines

Which materials are suitable for processing?

A variety of metals and plastics are suitable for marking products with serial numbers or barcodes:

  • Stainless steel and various types of steel
  • Hard metals and coated metals
  • Aluminium
  • Anodised aluminium
  • Titanium and titanium alloys
  • Precious metals like gold and silver
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Plastics like silicone, PET, PC, PMMA, etc.

This is how the laser marking process works

When it comes to marking products with serial numbers or barcodes, a variety of methods are used depending on the material and quality requirements:

  • Laser engraving

In laser engraving, the substance is heated by the laser to the extent that its surface is vaporised, leaving behind a permanent engraving. 

  • Black marking metal

In black marking, the heat of the laser causes the formation of an oxide layer that is particularly high-contrast and abrasion-resistant.

  • Annealing marking

In annealing marking, the heat from the laser triggers an oxidation process beneath the surface of the material, resulting in a colour change. The surface remains intact, which is why the method is frequently used for medical technology. The process works for any metal that changes colour under the influence of heat.

  • Ablation

A differently-coloured font can be created by selectively removing top layers – of anodised aluminium or lacquered metals, for example.

The matchless benefits of laser marking

The modern JustLaser laser machines don’t just combine a low investment risk with high productivity, they also win people over with a whole range of benefits:

  • High-quality and precise

Modern JustLaser laser machines can mark even complex designs with fine, thin lines accurately and with maximum precision.

  • Productive

Marking products with serial numbers or barcodes through laser engraving is significantly faster than mechanical processes. The simple setup and high throughput speeds of JustLaser laser machines enable cost-effective production – for individual parts or entire product ranges. Hundreds of items can be processed simultaneously thanks to practical mounting devices.

  • Cost-effective

The laser marking process is direct and contactless. No costs are incurred for consumable materials or tool wear as individual components are not fixed in place, do not require pre-treatment or post-treatment, and do not need to be treated with a tool.

  • Permanent

Marking products with serial numbers or barcodes using laser machines produces permanent, abrasion-resistant, high-contrast, heat-resistant and acid-resistant results.

  • User-friendly

Create the design in your graphics software and send the print job to your JustLaser laser machine. You can make further adjustments using the JustLaser Cockpit laser software.

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