Laser Marking in engineering

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Laser Marker for engineering

Laser marking in engineering has a number of areas of application and is particularly beneficial if durable product labelling or codes to ensure permanent traceability are required. The efficient laser markers from JustLaser can be applied to nearly every surface. The contactless inscription is quick and has a high throughput speed, meaning that the manageable investment quickly proves profitable.

Marking machine parts in engineering

Partial inscription through laser marking in engineering has proven beneficial due to several factors and is not exclusively relevant for safety and technical reasons. But when the traceability of components needs to be guaranteed, forgery-proof and resilient laser marking, which is also resistant to mechanical strains and weather conditions, is ideal. The process is mostly used for labelling the following:

  • Codes for ensuring traceability and protecting against forgery
  • Product information and functional inscriptions
  • Type plates
  • Serial numbers, batch numbers, data matrix codes, etc.


Which materials can be labelled using a laser marker?

Laser markers from JustLaser can immortalise important information as permanent, precise and forgery-proof labels on the surface of nearly any material – regardless of whether it’s on various different types of metal, stone or plastic:

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Permanent and durable: Annealing Marking and laser engraving

Resistant and precise laser marking is the ideal solution in engineering, in which components are made from resilient materials and occasionally subjected to heavy loads but must always be traceable for the purposes of quality assurance. This generally means marking workpieces using a laser beam, and includes a variety of methods, such as ablation or black marking, depending on the material and the requirements. Laser engraving and annealing marking are the usual laser marking processes used in engineering.


  • Laser engraving

In laser engraving, the base material is vaporised by the laser, creating a permanent and abrasion-resistant recess, which can only be removed by a lot of sanding. This makes laser engraving a forgery-proof process.

  • Selective removal

It is possible to use laser machines from JustLaser to selectively remove the top layers from base materials, creating a coloured inscription. The base material is unaffected by the laser in this process. This method is used for anodised aluminium or lacquered materials.

  • Annealing marking

Metals whose surface colour changes under the influence of acid and heat can be labelled using annealing marking. The laser markers from JustLaser can create the desired colour depending on the temperature. The result is precise and visually appealing, while the surface of the metal is not damaged in any way.

Benefits of Laser Marking

Flexibility, resilience and cost-efficiency – laser marking in engineering offers a number of benefits and has prevailed over classic marking processes as a result.

  • Gentle: as a laser processes a material without making contact, the process is gentle on all materials.
  • Flexible: the method can be applied to the surface of almost any material and adapts flexibly to component shapes and content.
  • Permanent: laser markings are not sensitive to high thermal stress, abrasion, environmental influences, acid, petrol or oil.
  • Cheap: as the material being marked doesn’t need to be fixed in place or worked on using tools, there are no costs for consumable materials and maintenance. The laser machines from JustLaser are cost-efficient for both small and big lots and can be automated easily.
  • High precision: thanks to maximum precision and high contrast, the JustLaser Laser Marker can be used to produce even the smallest markings with fine line widths accurately.

Benefit with the Laser Marker

from JustLaser

Modern laser markers from JustLaser don’t just win people over through their low set-up costs and low investment risk, but also through their ease-of-use and high throughput rates, which makes them twice as beneficial from an economic perspective. Thanks to top quality standards and precision, even the finest lines can be produced accurately, and resilient and permanent labelling is guaranteed. 

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