Laser cutters for model construction and architectural designs

Laser cutting as a technology for creating precise architectural models
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Implement your ideas with a laser machine from JustLaser! From creating designs in a graphics program to the finished model – using a laser cutter for model construction and for architectural designs is the optimal procedure for this kind of creative process.

The process is quick and efficient can be used flexibly on a wide range of materials. Furthermore, the innovative laser cutters from JustLaser inspire with their low acquisition costs, short processing times and high throughput rates.

Whether you’re an architect, structural engineer, city planner or student – in architectural model construction, you can use a laser cutter to quickly and easily turn your designs into tangible models. A wide variety of materials can be cut as quickly and easily as they can be marked! Make your designs in a CAD program or your usual software and simply send it digitally to your laser. Intelligent software solutions make it possible to process your detailed model components automatically and precisely. The laser cutters from JustLaser are frequently used for the following models:

  • Architectural models
  • Building models
  • Model railways
  • Construction models, etc.



The visual models processed by last cutters in architectural model making may consist of various materials:



Using laser cutting in architectural model making, different materials can be processed in different ways.


The laser technology from JustLaser wins people over with its extremely precise results and exact cut edges when cutting various materials. As the process is contactless, it allows even fine and delicate materials to be processed gently. Post-processing is not necessary. Various methods – such as laser flame cutting, laser fusion cutting or sublimation cutting – are used depending on the material chosen, e.g. aluminium, paper and cardboard, plastic or stone.



The efficient laser machines from JustLaser make it possible to mark or structure materials in one step and to then cut them accurately without having to move them. The motifs, logos, labels and codes and inscriptions are applied to various materials and made permanent and abrasion-resistant. In this process, the surface of the selected materials are heated so much that it begins to be vaporised. Laser engravers can be used to furnish paper, leather, cardboard or paperboard with special optical and haptic structures.

Our laser machines

Benefit with JustLaser Laser Machines

Laser cutting in architecture model construction is highly precise thanks to the modern JustLaser laser machines. The flexibility, the high costs and time efficiency, the user-friendliness and the high-quality results provide enormous benefits when it comes to constructing model railways, architectural and building models, and so on!

  • Great flexibility: regardless of whether it’s laser cutting or engraving – the process can be used for a wide range of different materials, as well as for special shapes and delicate cuts.
  • Maximum precision: the laser technology from JustLaser is characterised by maximum precision. The cut and marked parts can be used immediately and without any post-processing.
  • Maximum efficiency: thanks to short processing times, a high degree of automation and ease of use, the laser cutters from JustLaser are among the most efficient technologies when it comes to materials processing. Investing in laser technology often pays off after a short period – partly also within the warranty period. We’ll be happy to calculate your return on investment (ROI) for you.
  • Gentle process: as the laser cutting process in architectural model construction is contactless, it is particularly gentle on fine materials. Furthermore, there is no tool wear and the quality of the laser is always consistently high.
  • High efficiency: with lasers, there are no additional costs for post-processing, additional working materials or attachments. Even when it comes to processing different materials, no tool changes or time-consuming retooling are necessary, which means production efficiency increases.
  • Modern equipment: modern laser software, practical equipment options, an excellent table extractor and different table sizes facilitate an optimal laser process – for individual and serial production – and ideal results with every model!

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