Engraving fan merchandise with a laser

There’s hardly anything as emotional as sport and its fans. Customising fan merchandise matches these emotions exactly.
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Whether they’re from film, television, sports, games or music – fan merchandise features special collector’s items with high emotional value and are hugely popular among fans across the world! Because who doesn’t want to own a branded t-shirt, baseball cap, keyring, notebook or pen featuring your favourite film, idol or athlete?

The laser technology from JustLaser has proven itself to be an extremely efficient and innovative process when it comes to personalising or customising fan merchandise. Benefit from maximum design freedom, great flexibility in materials processing and high process speeds!


The main product of merchandising is often a film, a series, an entertainer, an athlete or an entire sports team, which is marketed in the form of fan merchandising. Merchandising only makes sense if it is appropriately branded, making it into an emotional cult object for the fan community in question.

The innovative laser engravers from JustLaser can produce individual logos, branding, photos, motifs and lettering quickly and easily at the push of a button and apply them to a wide variety of surfaces and products! Whether it’s wood, metal, glass, stone or plastic – any material can be processed efficiently using JustLaser Laser Engravers. The precise devices win people over with their consistent quality and high repetition accuracy, both for individual production and serial production. Lasers are typically used to personalise or customise the following fan merchandise products:

  • Clothing
  • Bags
  • Pens, notebooks and a variety of office supplies
  • Lighters
  • Watches
  • Keyrings
  • Replicas
  • Bottles and glasses
  • Figurines
  • USB sticks, etc.
Our laser machines


Modern JustLaser Laser Engravers can be used to personalise or customise fan merchandise made from a wide variety of organic materials:


In laser marking, a laser beam is used to give a surface a permanent inscription. The process is frequently used for personalising or customising fan merchandise and is divided into different types depending on the material:

Laser engraving

In laser engraving, the heat of the laser vaporises or sublimates the material to a specific depth. This produces a permanent, abrasion-resistant engraving.

Annealing marking (black marking)

In annealing, the surface of a metal is heated so much that an annealing colour is formed. It causes diffusion and oxidation processes on the surface. A light-coloured inscription can practically always be achieved on metals. This is achieved through a melting process and / or changes to surface roughness.


Ablation is used for all materials that have a topcoat. This is removed using a laser, causing the differently-coloured base layer to come to the fore. For anodised aluminium, the anodised layer is either removed or chemically altered, causing the inscription to appear white / light.



Various materials can be cut quickly, precisely and efficiently using a laser. The thermal cutting process creates a particularly exact and fine cut. With plastics, leather and textiles with plastic parts, the laser automatically seals the edges (cut & seal), meaning that the work piece edge is smooth – individual fibres are no longer noticeable. As the process of personalising or customising fan merchandise with a laser is contactless, it is even gentle on delicate materials.

Simple or unusual shapes – with the laser engravers from JustLaser, you can make precise cuts on any material. Different cutting processes are used depending on whether you want to cut metal, plastics, textiles or leather.



The efficient laser machines from JustLaser win people over with their numerous benefits when it comes to personalising or customising fan merchandise:

  • Maximum efficiency: our JustLaser Laser Engravers often work more quickly and efficiently than corresponding alternative technologies. With us, you’re also getting a high-quality system with a relatively low investment risk and that wins people over thanks to its particularly high throughput rates, thus guaranteeing higher productivity.
  • Flexibility and precision: it doesn’t matter what design you want to produce – no motif or logo is too small or fine for the laser engravers from JustLaser, which always impress with their maximum precision and repetition accuracy. The laser process is also suitable for processing a wide variety of materials. Metal, plastic, ceramic or textiles – provide various hard and soft materials with permanent marks or produce cuts in a contactless and particularly gentle way.
  • Ideal cost control: as personalising or customising fan merchandise using a laser is a contactless, no additional expenses are incurred for consumable materials or tool wear. This makes is particularly easy to calculate production costs.
  • Continuous quality: whether it’s individual or serial production – the precise JustLaser laser machines provide the perfect results at high repetition accuracy for every order.
  • Gentle processing: as the material does not need to be fixed in place for processing with a laser, even delicate materials can be marked in a gentle way.

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