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Due to the safe (laser class 2) and durable product design of the JustMark, as well as the low investment costs, the laser marker offers a risk-free entry into the world of laser marking.

Laser Marking

Highly efficient laser marking has already found great favor in industry. Compared to conventional processes such as etching or needle embossing, the modern technology of laser marking can score with numerous advantages. JustLaser's laser markers guarantee simple and fast marking of a wide variety of materials for long-lasting product design.

While etching involves the use of hazardous and unhealthy substances, laser marking convinces with a contactless, sustainable and time-efficient processing method, which also makes mass production possible with the highest repeat accuracy. With a comparatively low investment risk, the JustMark laser marker provides an uncomplicated entry into the world of laser machines.

When it comes to laser marking, many people only think of personalizing promotional items or gifts. However, the wide range of applications also includes functional marking for the identification of individual parts and serves to ensure traceability and protection against counterfeiting. Not only the wide range of applications, but also the possibility of marking a wide variety of materials, lead to the high popularity of laser technology in various industries.


Laser marking refers to the permanent and abrasion-resistant marking of a wide variety of materials by means of spot heating. Thanks to precise laser beams, different materials with the most filigree geometries can be marked. Even the smallest font sizes are displayed legibly. In laser marking, a distinction is made between different processes depending on the quality requirements:

  • Temper marking: Temper marking involves local heating of the material to just below the melting point. The heat causes an oxidation process below the material surface and leads to discoloration. This is a popular process for metals, such as steel, which react to the effects of heat and oxygen.
  • Discoloration or carbonization: Plastics can also discolor as a result of a chemical reaction due to the effects of heat. Depending on the material, this results in a different color change. If a dark marking on a light surface is desired, carbonizing is recommended. The heat burns the carbon-containing plastic and a high-contrast laser marking is produced.
  • Ablation: Ablation of a top layer is used primarily for multi-layered or painted materials. The laser beam removes the top layer, revealing color differences between the top and base layers.
  • Foaming: By means of the foaming process, the surface is melted and raised glass bubbles are created, which are responsible for the light reflection. This allows bright markings to be created on dark plastics.


With the modern JustMark laser marker from JustLaser, workpieces made of plastic or metal can be marked for a wide range of industries. Simple and fast laser markings are particularly in demand for the following areas of application:


The advantages of laser marking clearly outweigh the disadvantages:

  • Time and cost efficient: laser marking is one of the most economical and fastest technologies for marking materials. The JustMark laser marker impresses with high throughput speeds and precise results. In addition, the material-friendly processing and repeatability contribute to low production costs.
  • Versatile: The ability to provide almost any material surface with a filigree and abrasion-resistant marking ensures maximum flexibility. While conventional chemical processes can only process certain materials, JustLaser laser markers stand for limitless design possibilities.
  • Material- and environment-friendly: Contactless laser marking takes place without fixing the material and without the use of force. Therefore, there is no material wear and at the same time a clean and low-dust working environment is maintained.
  • Precision at the highest level: The smallest fonts and most delicate ornaments remain clearly recognizable due to the precise laser beam. The laser machines are not only convincing for elaborate individual projects, but also deliver the best results even for mass production.
  • Minimal maintenance: Due to the non-contact material processing, the laser machine does not wear out even after repeated use. This means that there are virtually no maintenance costs.
  • Quiet technology: Laser marking is gentle not only on the material, but also on our ears. This is due to the low noise level.
  • Easy to use: You don't have to be a laser specialist to operate a JustLaser laser machine, because both the machine itself and the graphics software are designed to be extremely simple and user-friendly. However, should any questions arise, the JustLaser team of experts will be happy to help via the service hotline or remote maintenance.

Let the JustLaser laser machines convince you! An investment pays off after a very short time - we will be happy to help you calculate your return on investment (ROI).

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