Laser Cutting

The Laser Cutters from JustLaser are the perfect machines for cutting organic materials as well as metals just with the same system. More information here!

Laser Cutting

When it comes to efficient and precise cutting of different materials, laser cutting is one of the most economical and advantageous processes. Laser cutting is a particularly fast and clean cutting process that is used wherever complex cuts need to be made quickly and without force. Laser cutters also impress with their high dimensional accuracy, repeatability and contour precision. Especially (but not exclusively) in the industrial sector, the process therefore enjoys great popularity.
Compared to other machines, our modern JustLaser Large Laser Cutters and JustCut Metal Laser Cutters impress with a low investment risk, higher throughput rates and higher productivity, while a wide range of processing materials guarantees maximum flexibility. The investment in a high-quality JustLaser laser machine therefore usually pays off quickly.


Laser cutting is a thermal cutting process in which the material is heated by the laser irradiation to such an extent that it melts or evaporates completely. During the cutting process, the laser beam traces the specified geometries and cuts through the material precisely. The use of different cutting gases can also positively influence the process. Depending on the material, material thickness and requirements, a distinction is made between three different methods in laser cutting.

- In laser flame cutting, the material is heated to ignition temperature and usually burned by adding oxygen. The energy released supports and accelerates the process considerably. Laser flame cutting is suitable for the production of parts whose surface is still optically refined or where no refinement is necessary and is frequently used in steel and vehicle construction as well as small and large series production.

- In laser fusion cutting, low-reaction cutting gas (usually nitrogen, more rarely argon or helium) is continuously injected into the kerf to melt it and simultaneously cool the cut edge. This results in an almost oxide-free cutting edge. The process offers advantages for all those workpieces that are not further processed. Laser fusion cutting is mostly used for processing aluminum alloys and stainless steel.

- Sublimer cutting is used in particular for laser cutting of thin or organic materials such as wood, cardboard, leather, textiles or plastics. In this process, the material passes directly from a solid to a gaseous state (sublimation). This produces a fine, burr-free kerf. Sublimation cutting is particularly suitable when work has to be carried out in a particularly fine way, such as in medical technology.


Laser cutting is suitable for processing a wide range of different materials, thus enabling maximum flexibility:



Our efficient JustLaser laser machines will convince you with their numerous advantages when it comes to laser cutting:

- Maximum flexibility: whether metal, plastic, wood, fabric or leather - JustLaser's efficient laser machines are suitable for gentle processing of a wide variety of materials with different material thicknesses.
- Gentle processing of materials: Laser cutting is a non-contact process. Since the material does not have to be fixed and no force is applied to it, there is no damage or deformation to the workpiece and even sensitive surfaces can be processed.
- No material wear: Since the laser does not come into contact with the material during cutting, no signs of wear occur here, even with continuous use. This is in stark contrast to mechanical processes: Here, high follow-up costs often result from tool changes and wear, consumables and time-consuming maintenance. Thus, laser technology from JustLaser gives you maximum cost control.
- Maximum precision: The laser machines from JustLaser impress with their extremely precise cutting. Complex shapes or designs are no problem for the laser and are implemented quickly and easily.
- High quality: Whether one-off or series production - the precise JustLasers are characterized by the highest quality standards and ensure optimum results with maximum repeatability for every job.
- Clean and quiet work: Since the material vaporizes or burns during laser engraving, there is hardly any dust or chip formation during processing. In addition, lasers impress with their low noise levels.
- Simple work processes: Laser technology from JustLaser is particularly efficient. It is characterized not only by process sequences within seconds and high cutting speeds, but also by its ease of operation. Jobs are created in the usual graphics program and sent to the laser at the touch of a button. Our laser software suggests the ideal laser parameters.

Profit with JustLaser! JustLaser's laser machines are far more efficient than other technologies due to their high productivity, low setup costs, short processing times, versatility and low investment risk. This makes the purchase of a highly efficient JustLaser laser cutter a sensible investment for companies of any size. We will be happy to calculate your return on investment (ROI).

Laser Cutters
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