Fab labs, DIY, unis and schools: projects with a laser cutter

Use laser cutters for creative applications in your fab lab teams!
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It’s not just in industry and the economy that lasers are enjoying great popularity. Lasers are increasingly on the rise in universities, fab labs and workshops! Regardless of whether you want to bring the innovative new technologies to school pupils and students at a variety of teaching institutions, facilitate access to modern production processes in fab labs, or modernise your workshops – the laser machines from JustLaser are the ideal technology for you in every respect.

Laser machines have proven to be particularly efficient and precise in processing any material, meaning you can benefit from a wide range of possible applications. Whether it’s for producing prototypes, small or large margins – high throughput speeds and top repetition accuracy, exact contours and consistent quality are just some of the benefits.


Regardless of whether you want to cut or engrave something with a laser – with the efficient laser machines from JustLaser, you can process any material quickly and easily. Use a laser to produce fine inscriptions, delicate ornamentation or codes on a wide variety of materials, or to cut complex patterns and shapes precisely. Metal, plastics, glass and wood can be processed using modern lasers just as easily as textiles, MDF or paper.

Due to the diverse design options, laser technology is particularly popular in universities, fab labs and workshops, in marker spaces and small companies, and is used in fashion design and industrial design, in model making, in research, in prototyping, and in DIY projects. In addition, laser machines can be found more and more frequently in schools and universities so that school pupils, students and teaching staff can benefit from the innovative technology and gain first-hand experience with it.

Laser technology in universities, fab labs and workshops is often used for the following projects:

  • Industrial design
  • Prototype construction
  • 3D models
  • Research projects
  • Art and design projects
  • Experimental setups, etc.



A number of materials are used in prototype construction and for research projects. If laser technology is used in universities, fab labs or workshops, it will need to process a very wide range of materials:

Our laser machines


Various processes can be used depending on whether you want to use the laser technology in universities, fab labs, workshops or schools for cutting or marking.


The laser machines from JustLaser cut many different types of materials particularly quickly, precisely and effectively. In the thermal cutting process, the surface of the material is removed under the direct influence of the laser beam. This means that particularly precise and fine cuts can be produced – regardless of whether you want to cut simple shapes or unusual patterns.


The laser technology in universities, fab labs and workshops can also be used for marking and finishing various organic and inorganic materials. A number of ideas can be put into practice easily and efficiently with the high-quality laser machines from JustLaser!


If you want to use modern laser technology in universities, fab labs and workshops, you can benefit twice over with the laser machines from JustLaser. At JustLaser, you’ll get a high-quality laser machine – at a relatively low investment risk – that will win you over with faster throughput rates than comparable devices and guarantees higher productivity levels. Whichever project you want to put into practice – no marking is too small or delicate and no shape is too unusual for the laser machines from JustLaser, which will always win you over with maximum precision and exact repetition accuracy. In addition, the laser machines can flexibly process a wide range of materials.

Laser technology also facilitates optimal cost control. As the process is contactless, no additional expenses are incurred for consumable materials or tool wear. Additionally, the material does not need to be fixed in place to be processed by a laser, meaning that even delicate surfaces can be processed gently. Maintenance costs are also kept to a minimum. The precise and flexible JustLaser Laser Cutters produce the perfect results for every project, whether it’s individual production or high margins.

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