Laser cutting polycarbonate

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Laser cutting polycarbonate

Polycarbonate can be used in many ways and is not only considered a particularly dimensionally stable and insensitive plastic variant, but also a popular substitute for glass due to its transparency and impact resistance. In order to be able to process the resilient material quickly and efficiently, the laser process is recommended. Polycarbonate laser cutting with JustLaser laser machines offers numerous advantages.

What is polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate, PC for short, is a thermoplastic that can be deformed in a certain temperature range. The material is sold under special trade names such as Lexan  ®, Makrolon  ®or Durolon  ®etc. by various brands. Polycarbonate is transparent, extremely stable, strong and unbreakable and is often used in areas where other types of plastic are too soft, fragile or scratch-sensitive. In addition, the polymer is a popular alternative to glass and, in comparison, much lighter and more impact-resistant.

Where is polycarbonate used?

Probably the most important application of polycarbonate is optical storage media such as Blu-rays, CDs or DVDs. We also encounter polycarbonate every day as a covering for smartphones and tablets and as a front film for touch panels, display instruments or speedometers.

In the automotive industry, medical technology, electrical engineering and electronics, the material is used for housings and other moulded parts. Due to its transparency, impact resistance and low weight, polycarbonate is also used for lenses and visors. In the building industry, polycarbonate is used in glazing for conservatories and greenhouses or for cladding or covering buildings. Regardless of the area of application for which you want to laser cut polycarbonate - with our innovative JustLaser Laser Cutters you are always well advised.

Our Laser machines

Processing polycarbonate with the JustLaser Laser Cutter

Due to the thermoplastic properties of the plastic, the innovative JustLaser Large laser cutter is ideal for polycarbonate laser cutting. Thanks to its super pulsed laser tube, the laser machine offers far more power than specified in individual peaks. The JustLaser Large can thus deliver more than 2,000W (2.0kW) of power over a short period of time.

In polycarbonate laser cutting, the surface of the material is heated by the laser beam, causing it to melt or vaporise completely. The process convinces with its flexibility, high precision and the exact as well as fine cuts. Smooth, but often discoloured edges are produced. The best results are achieved when cutting thin sheets and foils up to 3mm.  

Laser marking of polycarbonate

Polycarbonate can also be marked with JustLaser's innovative lasers. Here, the laser creates an opaque black marking with high detail accuracy.

Five decisive reasons for the laser machines from JustLaser

Polycarbonate laser cutting enjoys great popularity and offers several decisive advantages in addition to high precision and speed. Because with JustLaser you acquire a high-quality laser system with user-friendly operation and high productivity with a comparatively low investment risk. Five decisive reasons speak for an investment in a laser machine from JustLaser:

  • High flexibility: The laser machines from JustLaser not only offer an extensive range in terms of material selection, but are also suitable for small and large runs as well as for the production of flexible cutting patterns and markings. The innovative JustLaser Lasersoftware enables simple work processes and maximum flexibility.
  • Burr-free cut edges: Thanks to the super pulsed laser tube of the JustLaser Large lasercutter, whose high power leads to faster vaporisation of the material in the cutting gap, you get precise cutting edges without burrs when laser cutting
  • Exact precision: The laser machines from JustLaser enable precision marking of polycarbonate in a minimum of space and are ideally suited for a material thickness of 3mm. Automated processes allow material-optimised cutting and marking - without any retooling.
  • High cleanliness: As there is no dust or chip formation during laser cutting of polycarbonate, no residues remain on the tool or on the work surface and no time-consuming cleaning is required.

Gentle machining: Because the laser process is non-contact, there is no tool wear or additional expenditure on consumables. Maintenance costs are thus kept to a minimum and the JustLasers offer consistently excellent cutting quality.

Are you interested in laser cutting of polycarbonate?

Our team of experts will be happy to advise you on the topic of laser cutting of polycarbonate. Discover our JustLaser Large laser cutter now!