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Marking riffles, pistols and ammunition
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Laser Marking Small arms

Small arms, so rifles (long guns) and pistols (handguns), must be marked in multiple places for traceability purposes. EU Directive 2017/853, amending the previously-valid regulation 91/477/EEC, is legally effective in all EU Member States as of 1/1/2021.

It stipulates that pressurised parts (e.g. barrel and breech) and other important parts (e.g. frame, housing, grip) must be permanently marked. Marking always includes an unambiguous serial number (which is filed in the firearms registry of the respective country) on each of the above-named parts. It is recommended and in the manufacturer’s own interests to place other information, such as manufacturer, type, country code, calibre, proofmarks, etc., on one or multiple parts of the weapon.

Marking using a laser marker ensures markings which are secure, robust and difficult or even impossible to remove, and which will not reduce the mechanical resilience of the weapon. 

Rifles, pistols and ammunition can be marked quickly and easily using laser technology. Even the smallest letters and numbers can be made to be easily legible and durable. The Directive stipulates a minimum character height of 1.6 mm. The high-quality results of JustMark Laser Markers mean weapons manufacturers, distributors, importers, gunsmiths and experts can rely on them to fulfil the legal requirements. Even heavy or broader elements of longer weapons can be marked without any problems. High-quality and efficient – in the JustMark Laser Marker, weapons manufacturers and gunsmiths have reliable and precise cutting edge technology they can count on!

Marking rifles, pistols and ammunition

Manufacturers and distributors of small arms mark their products by placing a unique serial number – and sometimes even the calibre, manufacturer, country code and additional information – in every important place.

This means that using a JustMark Laser Marker guarantees robustness, precision and tamper resistance.


Which marks do gun owners need to check?

Small arms are marked by the manufacturer, (general) importer or other distributor, but gun owners are legally obliged to check the marks on their weapons. The following information must be clearly visible and permanently marked on at least one of the most-used parts of the weapon:

  • Name, company or registered trademark or official abbreviation of the manufacturer, or any other information with which it is possible to identify a gun
  • Country or place of production
  • Weapon or manufacturer number
  • Year of production (unless this is part of the weapon or manufacturer number)
  • Calibre information (e.g. 7 x 64, .243 Win, 12/70) on each barrel if the gun has barrels of different calibres, or on only one barrel if all barrels have the same calibre
  • Calibre information on each barrel for revolvers where it is possible to swap barrels
  • The type of barrel material used by specifying the ISO material designation (abbreviation of chemical composition, e.g. 42CrMo4, 4CrNiMo6, X39CrMo17-1);
  • The designation “shot weapon” (“arme à grenaille”, “Waffe für Kleinschrot”) for small arms for small shots
  • Indication of bearing depth for small arms with a smooth barrel/barrels
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Types of weapon markings

Gunsmiths or weapons producers who mark small arms should familiarise themselves with the legal requirements of the country of production. Gun owners or dealers must not remove or alter the original characters or marks.

A mark produced by a JustLaser Laser Marker is extremely robust and durable. It may be in the form of an individual code made up of numbers or letters, manufacturer designations (even coded), country or place of production and the year of production (coded if necessary). Laser markings cannot be removed by mechanical means, thus fulfilling the legal requirements for weapon inscriptions. Laser markings with suitable parameters can sometimes be permanently removed if it has impaired the robustness of the weapon.

The following types of marks can be applied to rifles, pistols and ammunition using a JustMark Laser Marker:

  • Model designation
  • Manufacturer sorting number
  • Date stamps
  • Data matrix codes with an edge length of a few millimetres (even in inaccessible places)
  • Logos, signatures
  • Manufacturer name
  • Year of production
  • Codes (e.g. manufacturer designation or year of production)
  • Country code/place of production
  • Labelling of important parts (e.g. charge level indicator, safety, etc.)
  • Import marks (for imported weapons)
  • Many more

Laser marking small arms

Anyone wanting to mark small arms would be well advised to use a JustMark Laser Marker. Lasers are considered durable and efficient methods for marking various pistols, rifles and ammunition. The process is gentle on the material and ensures traceability in accordance with legal regulations. Our laser also makes it possible to quickly and easily mark broader and more massive elements. The benefits of laser technology are obvious:

  • Uncomplicated: you can work with your usual graphics program when marking small arms with a JustMark Laser Marker. The information is sent straight to the laser and put into effect.
  • Quick: weapons manufacturers can benefit from the speed of JustMark Laser machines, even with large quantities. Handguns, rifles and ammunition can be furnished with the requisite markings in no time at all.
  • Precise: even the smallest numbers, codes and letters can be produced in a legible way using the JustMark Laser Marker.
  • Efficient: JustMark Laser machines pay off quickly from an economic perspective: laser marking does not incur ongoing costs for tool wear and tear etc. The cost of purchasing a laser marker is low, and they incur hardly any maintenance or servicing costs while simultaneously providing maximum quality for both individual and mass production.
  • Permanent: a mark produced by a laser cannot be removed without mechanical means. This makes markings robust, sustainable for hundreds of years and practically forgery-proof. Guns are considered sensitive products with strict legal requirements, so it is all the more important to be able to rely on durable, high-quality markings.

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