Personalising mobile phones and phone cases with laser engraving

Customise smartphones, tablets and laptops with laser engraving
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Engraving smartphone cases with laser

laser engraving smartphone case

As soon as something has been personalised, it becomes something special – whether it’s clothing, jewellery or stationery. No wonder, then, that more and more customers are having their mobile phones, phone cases, etc. personalised through laser engraving. The personalisation of high-quality mobile phones, tablets and the like is now among the most frequent areas of application for laser technology.

A wide variety of materials can be personalised quickly and easily using the innovative laser machines from JustLaser. That means you can benefit from high repetition accuracy and top levels of precision, both for individual production and for serial production.


A special photo or date, initials, a corporate logo or a favourite poem – there are actually a lot of different ways to customise your smartphone, tablet, etc. through laser engraving. The result of the inscription is always the same: a particularly valuable, personal and individual piece. Labelling using JustLaser Laser Engravers is also used for functional inscriptions such as safety markings and corporate branding.

Whereas metal was usually engraved mechanically in the past, efficient laser technology is chosen today as it offers some significant benefits. The flexible systems can be used on a number of materials. As the surfaces of smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on can be processed without making contact, the material is preserved, meaning there are no tool costs or expensive maintenance costs. Lasers also stand out thanks to their incomparable precision when it comes to marking and engraving. Lasers have the following applications in consumer electronics:

  • Personalisation
  • Customisation
  • Corporate branding
  • Safety markings, etc.



If you want to have your mobile phone, tablet, etc. individually engraved with a laser, there are no limits on your creativity or that of your customers! Any designs can be produced on the surfaces of smartphones, laptops, etc. entirely in accordance with your wishes.



In addition to finishing a variety of surfaces, the laser process is also used for functional labels, and to apply corporate branding and safety markings accurately and with maximum precision. Data matrix codes containing the “biography” (manufacturing factory, date, importer, etc.) of the product in question are often applied.



A variety of materials are used in the production of consumer electronics. The following materials are suitable for the laser engraving of smartphones, tablets, etc.:

Our laser engravers


In contrast with mechanical engraving, where material is removed through scratching, piercing or chiselling, mobile phone, tablet, etc. laser engraving is carried out with the help of the energy of a laser beam that vaporises the surface.

  • Laser engraving

With laser engraving, a digitally-controlled laser heats up the surface of a work material so much that it evaporates to a certain depth, creating a permanent and abrasion-resistant engraving. The smart laser technology from JustLaser wins people over thanks to its maximum repetition accuracy – no manual skills or additional tools are necessary.

  • Ablation

The top layer can be recoloured or selectively removed from the top layer of anodised aluminium or other lacquered metals and coated plastics. A different coloured base material will then emerge. This process often does not fully remove the protective layer.



Rely on the highly-precise laser machines from JustLaser for individually engraving mobile phones, tablets, etc! Laser technology is considered the most efficient and gentle process for marking a wide variety of materials. Fine lettering, markings and even complicated motifs can be engraved quickly and easily. With JustLaser, you’ll benefit from low acquisition and set-up costs in comparison to other devices. And you’ll get a high-quality product that will win you over with its short processing times and precise results! You can also enjoy many other benefits:

  • Efficient processes: the laser engravers from JustLaser win people over with their high repetition accuracy and quality. Production costs are also relatively low.
  • High precision: thanks to the precision of the JustLaser Laser Engraver, even elaborate designs can be produced quickly and easily in difficult-to-reach places – permanent and abrasion-resistant.
  • Great flexibility: whether metals, plastics or wood – lasers have proven to be extremely flexible in materials processing as the procedure is suitable for nearly every material surface. Almost any design can be produced by laser engraving at the touch of a button – without having to retool.
  • Maximum cleanliness: laser cutting is an extremely low-dust method.
  • Gentle processing and no material wear: laser engraving is contactless, meaning absolutely no force is exerted on the material and even delicate surfaces are preserved. Furthermore, the use of lasers results in absolutely no material wear, which means there are absolutely no expensive maintenance works. Practical accessories and the advanced laser software enable maximum efficiency.

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