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JustInclusive the Laser engraving machines from JustLaser

Everything you need to get started! Benefit from the JustLaser team’s decades of experience, which has designed CO2 laser engravers for you as finished packages. As a result, JustLaser Laser Engravers belong to the best-equipped laser systems in the industry. Don’t worry about the equipment for your laser engraving machines – concentrate instead on the large number of applications and become even more profitable. Exclusive features such as the aluminium grid cutting table with vacuum function, the interior LED lighting and the  high acceleration values are standard for JustLaser Laser Engravers and included with every laser engraving machine.


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The JustLaser Laser Engraver


Laser Engraver - as individual as your needs

Diverse range of materials with your laser engraving machine

You decide which materials are cut, not the laser engraver: regardless of whether it’s metal, wood, acrylic or aluminium. Thanks to the JustLaser Laser Engraver, you can customise your applications at any time.

Application Laser Engraving Laser Cutting


Delrin and POM

MDF, HDF, Plywood

Anodised Aluminium
Rubber and Silicone

Polyester, Felt, Velvet, Microfiber, Nylon, Natural Fiber, Wool, Silk

Leather and Leatherette

Laser engraving machine

The JustLaser-standards



JustLaser Laser Engraver Machine 1 JustLaser Laser Engraver Machine 10 JustLaser Laser Engraver Machine 11 JustLaser Laser Engraver Machine 12 JustLaser Laser Engraver Machine 13 JustLaser Laser Engraver Machine 15 JustLaser Laser Engraver Machine 16 JustLaser Laser Engraver Machine 17 JustLaser Laser Engraver Machine 18 JustLaser Laser Engraver Machine 19 JustLaser Laser Engraver Machine 2 JustLaser Laser Engraver Machine 20 JustLaser Laser Engraver Machine 3 JustLaser Laser Engraver Machine 4 JustLaser Laser Engraver Machine 6 JustLaser Laser Engraver Machine 7 JustLaser Laser Engraver Machine 9

Laser Engraver

...for your productivity

LED interior lighting for all laser engravers

Each JustLaser Laser Engraver comes with integrated LED interior lighting as standard. This makes it easier to handle materials and to see the processing surface during engraving and cutting processes.



The servomotors built into the JustLaser Laser Engraver 7.5 and 10.6 as standard ensure precise positioning and travelling paths, thus helping the laser machines to work in a highly precise way.


Synrad laser sources

When choosing an RF laser source, JustLaser has the highest standards in terms of engraving and cutting quality and has managed to get the best in the business on board for this in Synrad. Synrad laser sources – synonymous with productivity, durability and efficiency – have been built in to all JustLaser engraving machines.


Aluminium grid cutting table with vacuum function

To enable perfect focussing, primarily on thin and light materials, the vacuum function is part of the basic configuration for JustLaser Laser Engravers. The vacuum means materials are automatically fixed to the table, which enables better engraving and cutting results.



CleanTech concept

Enjoy extremely low-maintenance laser engraving systems thanks to the CleanTech concept. The closed axis system guarantees that the motors, electronics and lenses are given the best possible protection against dust and contaminants. For JustLaser customers, this means a long service life for the device with low maintenance costs and high productivity.


The JustLaser Cockpit laser software

Be the pilot of your laser system. With the JustLaser Cockpit, you can benefit from the laser software, developed exclusively for your needs. The Cockpit offers you the chance to quickly and easily send a wide variety of orders to the laser system from the most popular graphics programs.


Microsonic autofocus

The JustLaser Autofocus guarantees you always have the correct focus for your materials. Using ultrasound, the sensor determines the distance to the workpiece and automatically configures the work table to the right height. This ensures optimal engraving and cutting results for your applications.


Speed wins

With accelerations of up to 5 g, JustLaser Laser Engravers are among the quickest in their class. This will make you more productive and profitable for your business.


Easily engrave with a laser

JustCreate! With a laser engraver from JustLaser

JustLaser Laser Engravers belong to the most productive and flexible in their class.

Become more profitable thanks to the standard configurations and the wide variety of materials you can cut and engrave with them.

andosed aluminium laserengrave laser cut acrylic hearts laser cut acrylic laser cutting packaging laser cutting paper laser engraving promotional items laser engraved anodized aluminum laser engraved smartphone case laser engraved spoon laser engraved steel laser engraved rubber stamp laser engraving cork laser engraving metal laser engraving paper lasercut pos displays Wood smartphone case laser engraved wood laser engraving wood laser metal engraving laser lasercutting paper lasercutting wood sign lasercutting wood laserengraved smartphone case Laserengraving Laminate

justMore Laser engraving machine

Optional equipment for your laser engraver

Camera System

Thanks to the DTC technology, you can position your laser engraver on your materials even more precisely without having to adjust it manually. The combination of camera recognition and servo-controlled axes makes it possible for the JustLaser Laser Engravers 7.5 and 10.6 to have the highest level of precision for precise contour cuts.


Exhaust System

In cooperation with our specialist corporate partners in Germany, we are able to offer you the perfect laser exhaust system for your laser engraving machine. This means we can guarantee reliable health protection and essential safety for every work space.


Rotary Engraving Attachment

The rotary engraving device makes it possible to use JustLaser Laser Engravers to engrave cylindrical and conical items such as glasses, bottles, cups and many more.


Different Sizes of JustLaser Laser Engravers:

You want to use a laser to cut and engrave large surfaces?

How laser engraving works

In contrast with mechanical engraving, where material is removed through scratching, piercing or chiselling, laser engraving is carried out with the help of the energy of a laser beam that vaporises the surface.

Laser Engraving

With laser engraving, a digitally-controlled laser engraver heats up the surface of a work material so much that it evaporates to a certain depth, creating a permanent and abrasion-resistant engraving. The smart laser technology in the JustLaser Laser Engraver wins people over due to its top levels of accuracy with repetitions without the need for an additional tool or any special technical skills.


White marks can be made on anodised aluminium using CO2 lasers and fibre lasers. Setting the parameters for this is very simple. The chromophoric metal salts are thermally corroded by the rise in temperature, meaning that the inscription is white. Naturally anodised aluminium (i.e. with a metallic sheen but without any colour) and bare aluminium can be given dark or light inscriptions. With anodised aluminium, the extremely mechanically tough, chemical-resistant and non-electroconductive layer of aluminium oxide is retained.

With painted metals or plastic laminates (at least 2 layers), the coat of paint or top layer of plastic can be removed using a CO2 laser, often without leaving any residue behind.

This is what laser cutting is all about

Laser flame cutting

For laser flame cutting, oxygen is used as a cutting gas and as an additional energy supplier, whereby combustion is generated in a specific place when the material is melted using a laser. It is necessary to carry out post-processing work with laser flame cutting as, unlike in laser fusion cutting, the process causes the edges to be oxidised, resulting in the formation of burrs. Ideally, however, the formation of burrs can be avoided if the laser parameters are properly defined.

Laser fusion cutting

In laser fusion cutting, a metal – frequently aluminium alloys or stainless steel – are melted due to the heating effect of the laser beam. As part of this, an inert gas is usually blown into the cutting gap to prevent the oxidation of the edges. As this does not result in the formation of burrs, the process is suitable for all tools that do not require further processing or where no material changes are desired. A high-performance solid-state laser is usually beneficial for this method. 

Sublimation cutting

The special thing about sublimation cutting is that the laser causes the material to be immediately vaporised without having to pass into a liquid state. This creates a particular fine, burr-free cut. This process is often used for medical technology.

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