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The innovative and efficient JustLaser laser machines can engrave and cut a large number of different plastics quickly and easily – including Delrin® polyacetal. Due to its special properties, the thermoplastic resin is frequently used as a replacement for metallic materials and has a number of uses in automotive engineering, mechanical engineering and furniture construction. Engraving Delrin polyacetal with a laser is a contactless process and has proven itself to be extremely gentle on materials, and the marking is abrasion-resistant and resistant to heat and acid. The laser machines from JustLaser win people over with precise results in laser cutting too – even with challenging designs.


Delrin® polyacetal, also known as polyoxymethylene (POM for short), is a thermoplastic, semi-crystalline plastic. Based on its special properties, such as hardness, strength, dimensional stability, resistance to chemicals and low friction coefficient, the technical plastic is frequently used for moulding in injection moulding processes, precision parts, for packaging, embossing presses and stamps, in electrical engineering and in furniture construction, automotive engineering and mechanical engineering, where it frequently replaces metallic materials.

The efficient laser machines from JustLaser are definitely the right choice for engraving Delrin polyacetal. The laser cutters can remove the material extremely well and cut it precisely.


Whether it’s logos, motifs, initials or addresses – engraving Delrin polyacetal with a laser also occurs in the creative industry and is a particularly frequent occurrence in the production of embossing presses and stamps. Companies, notaries or authorities use the special stamps that emboss important documents through positive and negative reliefs to protect them against copying or forgery. Furthermore, invitations, letter paper and other paper products can be personalised and made into something special with elegant embossing. There are no limits to your creativity with the laser machines from JustLaser. Our innovative laser engravers will inspire you with their high throughput speeds and precise results!

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When engraving Delrin polyacetal with a laser, the material is melted or vaporised by the laser, creating a permanent, abrasion-resistant and heat-resistant engraving. Extraordinary and complex contours are no problem for the laser machines from JustLaser, even in difficult-to-reach places.

Laser cutting is a thermal cutting process in which a material is precisely cut along predefined shapes. This results in a particularly fine cutting gap, meaning even unusual and delicate shapes can be produced quickly and easily.


When engraving Delrin polyacetal, it is possible to mark and cut both individual pieces and multiple pieces simultaneously in serial production. JustLaser laser machines are controlled digitally with software. Create the designs for the marking or cutting you want in your usual graphics program, e.g. AutoCAD, Adobe or CorelDRAW, and send them straight from your PC to the laser machine via a USB or Ethernet interface.

Embossing presses and stamps can also be created quickly and easily using the devices. They include a positive and a negative relief. While the positive consists of white letters on a black background, the motif is mirrored and inverted in the negative relief. What’s important is that both shapes fit together perfectly and accurately.

The software for our JustLaser Laser Engravers automatically chooses the appropriate settings for you, thus making stamp creation easier. To do this, pre-select the integrated function for embossing press and stamp creation. Both reliefs are created automatically and processed by the laser engraver.


Laser machines from JustLaser are characterised by a whole range of benefits. They are extremely flexible and are suitable for processing a wide range of materials, and win people over with their maximum precision and consistently high standards of quality – for individual and serial production! When you buy a JustLaser Laser Engraver, you can also benefit from relatively low acquisition costs and low set-up costs, high throughput rates, simple operation and a large degree of automation.

For many companies, it is actually more economical to invest in their own laser cutter than outsourcing the cutting and engraving work to a contract manufacturer. With contract manufacturing there is a certain dependency, there are logistics costs, longer lead times and sometimes even complaints. The low cost of a JustLaser laser machine and its flexible potential applications make it a sensible investment for any business.

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