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Marking electronic components and semiconductors with a laser

In the industrial sector, where components and products are produced in bulk and need to be furnished with product labels like serial numbers or barcodes, marking electronic parts and semiconductors with a laser is standard practice. Are you looking for laser technology that can mark both plastic and metal quickly and efficiently? The high-quality JustLaser laser markers provide flexible solutions for your demands and individual needs.

Laser technology for industrial labelling

In a number of industries, it is now mandatory to mark components in production processes for the purposes of identification and traceability – whether you’re a small workshop or a large company. In the semiconductor and electronics industries, lots of information – usually “hidden” in complex QR codes, barcodes or data matrix codes – needs to be included on components, which are often extremely small. They need to meet high quality standards, as they need to be permanent, durable and easy to read despite the strain they are put under. Due to the numerous benefits, laser marking has established itself as the first choice for marking electronic parts and semiconductors. With the laser markers from JustLaser, you’ll enjoy the benefits of quickly, precisely and permanently marking your components with a laser. Depending on your needs and requirements, the process can be fully automated or semiautomated.

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Laser Marking Logos, Serial numbers, etc.

When laser marking electronic parts and semiconductors, a laser marker is used to furnish individual components with solder-resistant, permanent and precise labels. They are used for product identification, ensuring reliable traceability and quality, and to protect against forgery, e.g. in the form of:

  • Serial numbers
  • Logos
  • Functional inscriptions and production references
  • Codes to ensure permanent traceability
  • Product labels
  • Type plates, etc.


Examples of laser marking electronic parts and semiconductors

The range of functional parts and components marked with a laser is especially large in the semiconductor and electronics industry. The following components are frequently marked using a laser marker:

Which processes are suitable for marking electronic parts and semiconductors with a laser?

Electronic parts and semiconductors are marked using a laser marker. Plastics are usually marked through colour change or foaming, and metals by means of annealing.

  • Colour change

If the colour of a plastic surface is changed using a laser marker, you speak of a colour change. The mark is permanent and abrasion-resistant.

  • Foaming

Foaming is usually carried out on dark plastics as the laser marking turns out lighter than the unmarked areas. The material is melted by the heat of the laser beam, creating little bubbles which reflect the light.

  • Annealing marking

In annealing, the laser marker changes the colour on the surface of a material if the metal in question changes its colour when subjected to heat. The surface remains fully intact. Different temperatures result in different colour changes.


Laser Markers for laser marking

from JustLaser

Für die Anforderungen der Laserbeschriftung elektronischer Teile und Halbleiter kommen zwei Lasersysteme in Frage.

Faserlaser erfreuen sich steigender Beliebtheit bei der industriellen Kennzeichnung, schließlich erzeugen sie permanente, präzise Markierungen mit hohem Kontrast und können sowohl blanke als auch beschichtete Metalle markieren. Darüber hinaus überzeugen die Faserlaser mit einfacher Bedienung, langen Betriebslaufzeiten und arbeiten kostengünstig und nahezu wartungsfrei.

Dank Lasermarkiermittel ermöglichen CO2-Laser die Direktmarkierung von Kunststoffen und Materialien jeglicher Art. Dieses wird vor dem Laserprozess auf das Material aufgetragen und beim Lasermarkieren in die Oberfläche eingebrannt. Dabei entsteht eine dauerhafte, schwarze Kennzeichnung.

Your benefits with JustLaser Laser Markers

The modern laser markers from JustLaser offer you a range of unbeatable benefits when it comes to marking electronic parts and semiconductors with a laser:

  • Maximum flexibility: whether it’s metal, wood or acrylic – the majority of materials in the semiconductor and electronics industry can be permanently and precisely using the efficient lasers from JustLaser. Laser sources can be flexibly integrated into existing production lines!
  • Continuous quality: benefit from top quality. Whether it’s individual or mass production – the precision of a JustLaser laser machine always provides perfect results, even with complex and small designs with fine lines.
  • Cost efficiency: JustLaser Laser Markers impress through their high levels of cost efficiency in comparison to other laser technologies as relatively low investment risks meet high throughput speeds!
  • Simple: quick process flows and simple operation result in particularly high throughput speeds.
  • Gentle: delicate surfaces are not damaged when electronic parts and semiconductors are marked with a laser as the process is contactless.

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