Using lasers on all kinds of leather.

Leather engraving and cutting with a Laser Cutter from JustLaser
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Laser Cutting and Laser Engraving Leather

A personalised leather wallet, a classy glasses case with the owner’s initials, refined leather jackets and belts or bags with elaborately-cut laser applications – there are a number of options for adding value to products made from various types of leather.

Processing leather with a laser cutter offers a variety of creative options for making your ideas a reality. They are considered particularly efficient and innovative. Cutting, engraving and finish leather quickly and easily – our laser technology always wins people over thanks to its precise results and top quality.

Leather can be marked, cut and punched using laser engravers. That means you can benefit from a particularly large range of design options. Whether you want to cut pieces of leather quickly and efficiently or personalise them through laser marking and use them to create unique items – there are no limits with the laser machines from JustLaser!

Processing leather with a laser cutter is a popular process in the fashion, jewellery and furniture industries today, as well as for promotional materials, fan merchandising and for vehicle interiors. JustLaser laser machines win people over with their high levels of precision and flexibility. You can benefit from using a laser for the following products:

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Whether it’s precise cuts, sealed edges or elaborate engravings – if you want to carry out leather processing with a laser cutter, you can enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Optimal results thanks to maximum precision
  • Flexible application for a number of materials, shapes and even delicate details
  • Precise, sealed cut edges
  • Refinement through laser marking and laser structuring
  • Maximum efficiency thanks to a high throughput rate
  • Hardly any dust is generated, meaning little cleaning effort is required
  • User-friendly


No two pieces of leather are alike. There are distinctions between different types of genuine leather and artificial leather, the quality of which has an effect on the result of laser processing. The following sorts can be used for processing with laser cutting machines:

  • Genuine leather in varying quality (full-grain leather, grained leather, corrected grain and leather fibre fabric)
  • Suede and suede leather
  • Nubuck leather
  • Artificial leather like Alcantara


The material is cut using different processes depending on whether you want to cut or refine leather when processing leather with a laser cutter.


The laser machines from JustLaser cut a wide variety of different types of leather quickly and efficiently. Lasers vaporise the material, and cutting edges are melted for artificial leather. The laser produces a clean and automatically-sealed edge (cut & seal). This prevents fraying. As the processing of leather with a laser cutter is contactless, the leather does not lose shape and can be freely cut in any direction, regardless of its structure.

Leather can also be punched, whereby the diameter of the hole can be well below one millimetre. This is useful for the production of shoes. Car seats with a cooling function need the punched / perforated leather in any case. This way, any application for leather requiring breathability can be produced using a laser.


However, leather processing with a laser cutter is not just for cutting, but also for surface finishing. You can engrave special designs, motifs and logos in leather or personalise leather wallets, book covers or accessories with initials and give products a distinctive look! Laser engraving provides a special embossing effect, whereby the depth of the relief engraving can be easily varied. While the contrast is clearly visible for light leather, it becomes more subtle with darker colours. The final result can be influenced by the choice of laser parameters, speed, output and frequency and the type of leather selected. One thing is certain in any case: effective colour changes can be achieved easily and efficiently with the high-quality laser cutters from JustLaser!


Processing leather using the laser cutters from JustLaser will win you over with its top quality and high-quality results! Leather is cut with maximum precision and the cutting quality remains consistently good, even with a high number of repetitions. The technology can be used flexibly for various types of leather and finishes every material extremely gently.

  • Great flexibility: the laser cutters from JustLaser can be used to not only process various types of leather, but also to simply produce individual designs – regardless of whether they are complex shapes or patterns. Furthermore, you can also find a wide range of different table sizes for a number of formats.
  • Gentle process: there is absolutely no tool wear as the leather is processed by the laser without making contact. This is greatly beneficial with leather in particular as the material is tough and offers strong resistance when cut. This is not the case with contactless lasers. The material is not warped, and the laser produces clean and perfectly-sealed cut edges.
  • High time and cost efficiency: cutting with a laser is significantly faster than cutting with a knife. In addition, no post-processing, additional materials or attachments are required for the contactless laser process.
  • Maximum efficiency: with the laser machines from JustLaser, you’ll benefit from high throughput rates, simple operation and relatively low acquisition costs in contrast to other technologies.

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