Marking product information on type plates

with a Laser Marker
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Marking Type plates

Type plates are used in many different fields – in medical technology, engineering and the automotive industry. They are used both for functional inscriptions and for the legal-mandated labelling of systems and products. Modern laser machines are particularly suitable for marking product information on type plates. You can use them to mark standardised sizes and exotic shapes – regardless of whether they’re made from aluminium, plexiglass or metal. The precise laser markers from JustLaser can be used to engrave and mark complex structures and to make the smallest marks. See for yourself!

Marking type plates with a laser

The benefits of a JustLaser Laser Marker are obvious when it comes to marking product information on type plates: they will win you over with their outstanding marking quality and their broad range of possible applications. You can furnish plates with a durable, high-contrast and abrasion-resistant inscription which is resistant to alcohol, chemicals, heat, the cold and wear and tear.

Laser marking represents the fastest, most efficient and cheapest marking method, especially in industries where marking components and systems for the purposes of identification and traceability has become a legal obligation. The modern laser markers from JustLaser are cost-effective for both individual production and for small batches. The following areas of application enjoy great popularity:

  • Type plates
  • Functional inscriptions on machines and systems
  • Industrial signs
  • Information signs
  • Protection against forgery and brand protection
  • Product information, etc.

Which materials are suitable for marking product information on type plates?

Modernlaser technology is particularly suitable for furnishing type plates made from a variety of materials with permanent labels:

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This is how type plate labelling works

A laser marker is used to permanently mark materials when marking product information on type plates. There are a variety of procedures.

  • Laser engraving

Laser engraving is frequently used for industrial labelling. In this process, the material is heated by a laser beam to the point that the surface of the material is vaporised or burned, creating an abrasion-resistant engraving.

  • Annealing marking

If the colour of a metal changes as the result of exposure to heat, it can be marked using the annealing marking method. In this process, the laser causes the colour to change on the surface of a material; different temperatures result in different colour changes. As this process leaves the surface fully intact, the process is frequently used for medical technology products.

  • Vaporisation

Anodised and painted layers are particularly effective at absorbing laser light, meaning they can be vaporised well with it. This method also produces permanent marks.

Fibre Lasers und CO2-Lasers

Both fibre lasers and CO2 lasers can be used for marking product information on type plates, depending on the material from which they are made. Blank and coated metals are the easiest to mark with a fibre laser. In principle, any material can be processed using a CO2 laser. However, metal needs to be pre-treated with a laser marking agent as blank surfaces reflect the CO2 laser beam too much.

Another benefit is that the fibre lasers and CO2 lasers from JustLaser aren’t just used for marking your type plates; they can also be used for cutting a variety of materials.

Your JustLaser benefits

The high-precision JustLaser laser technology is first choice when marking product information on type plates – whether they’re made from metal, plastic or laminate! They win people over with a number of benefits:

  • Efficient: using a laser marker from JustLaser guarantees particularly quick marking, for both individual production and mass production. Various labels can be produced without having to retool or change tools.
  • Economic: no additional costs are incurred for consumable materials or tool wear when marking product information on type plates. Maintenance and service costs are minimal.
  • Durable: marks produced by lasers are high-contrast, permanent and can withstand high stress.
  • Precise: JustLaser laser machines can produce simple shapes, complex contours and the smallest inscriptions.
  • Gentle on materials: the contactless process protects both the material surface and the laser machine.
  • Simple: simply create designs for your JustLaser Laser Marker in your usual graphics program, just like you would when printing on paper, and send them to the laser.
  • Cheap: laser marking isn’t just a particularly efficient process; JustLaser Laser Markers also win people over due to their low investment risk!

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