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Wedding rings engraved with a customer’s wedding date or the name of their partner, personalised cutlery or customised pieces of jewellery – laser engraving in the jewellery industry offers a number of creative ways to finish precious metals and other beautiful things in a high-quality way.

The laser machines from JustLaser can be used to immortalise functional inscriptions like serial numbers just as easily as patterns, structures, and even complex photo engravings. A fine laser produces lettering, motifs and ornamentation precisely and accurately on a variety of surfaces. Enjoy a creative tool that doesn’t limit your ideas!

Engraving pieces of jewelry with a laser

Laser engraving has always enjoyed great popularity in the jewellery industry. While engraving is traditionally done mechanically, the creative design of jewellery – even fashion jewellery – is coming more into focus. Nevertheless, customising and personalising jewellery or jewellery parts is still something special. The high-quality laser machines from JustLaser will produce your designs efficiently – whether they’re drawings, pieces of text, logos or photos – and are used for the following applications:

Which materials are used frequently for laser engraving in jewellery industry?

A wide variety of materials are used when manufacturing pieces of jewellery. Various precious metals and alloys are particularly frequent, but high-quality plastics such as acrylic are enjoying great popularity, especially for fashion jewellery. Generally speaking, every metal and every alloy can be engraved using a fibre laser. The following materials can be engraved using the precise and efficient laser engravers from JustLaser:

  • A wide variety of precious metals such as gold or silver
  • Transition metals like titanium or platinum
  • Various alloys such as brass or white gold
  • Stainless steel
  • Quite a number of precious and semi-precious stones
Our laser machines

How laser engraving works

In the jewellery industry, laser engraving is used for customising and finishing a variety of pieces of jewellery and products. When hit by the laser beam, the material is heated to such an extent that its surface is vaporised. This creates a permanent and abrasion-resistant engraving. At lower temperatures, alloy components (in alloys) may become separate (diffusion), thus providing an aesthetically-pleasing inscription.

Our engraving software gives you the creative freedom you need to design your individual pieces of jewellery. Fonts and symbols are constantly being expanded, picture templates from customers and even templates made by hand can be reproduced exactly. Whether it’s individual pieces or entire product ranges – with JustLaser laser machines, you’ll reliably achieve the best results.

Ring Engraving on the inside and seamless engraving all around the ring

The classical applications of laser engraving in the jewellery industry include inscribing exterior, interior and end surfaces and using a laser to seamlessly engrave all around the circumference of a ring. The high precision and flexible configurability of JustLaser laser machines make it possible to produce even the smallest and most delicate motifs like no other process. The finest line widths can be reproduced in top quality and in a way that is true to the original.

3D Laser Engraving

3D laser engraving in the jewellery industry facilitates the creation of complex, three-dimensional material surfaces (a 3D internal engraving in the material – e.g. acrylic) on a wide range of materials. The laser engravers from JustLaser guarantee maximum accuracy and repeatability at high production speeds.

Surface Structuring and frosting

The laser machines from JustLaser can also be used to selectively structure material surfaces, engraving small structural elements into a smooth surface. Another application is the frosting of polished surfaces, the amount of time and effort for which is significantly decreased by the use of a highly modern laser.

In addition, laser engraving in the jewellery industry is also used for inlay work, channel setting, hallmarking and engraving crystals.


Processing flexibility: Fibre lasers or CO2-lasers?

Whether you use a fibre laser or a CO2 laser for engraving in the jewellery industry depends entirely on which material you want to process. With a CO2 laser, you can work on coated or specially pre-treated materials. With a fibre laser, you don’t need preparatory coating as this laser marker can also engrave or mark blank metals.

The benefits of JustLaser

With the highly-precise laser machines from JustLaser, you can finish and engrave pieces of jewellery individually – regardless of the shape or the material you want to use for laser engraving in the jewellery industry. Interesting surface structures are just as possible as patterns, photos and functional inscriptions. With the laser machines from JustLaser, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Creative design: pretty much any design can be produced using laser engravers from JustLaser.
  • Maximum flexibility: the process is suitable for many material surfaces, thicknesses and shapes.
  • Maximum precision: the automated laser machines from JustLaser win people over with their repetition accuracy and quality. Even fine details can be produced accurately.
  • Gentle on tools and materials: the process is particularly gentle on materials as laser engraving in the jewellery industry is a contactless method in which the material does not need to be fixed in place. In addition, the laser does not become worn thanks to the contactless processing method. The hardness of the material to be processed is therefore irrelevant. This is a contrast to every mechanical process.
  • Cost-effective: the technology from JustLaser wins people over through low maintenance costs and a low investment risk, as well as its ease of use and high throughput rates.

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