Laser Marking Watch parts

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Marking watch parts with a laser

If you think about marking watch/clock parts with a laser, the first thing to come to your mind will probably be personalising the classy piece of jewellery with a date, name or a special message. But functional inscriptions for identifying individual parts or batch and serial numbers are just as ubiquitous.

When using a JustLaser Laser Marker, you’ll benefit from a low investment risk and low set-up costs in comparison to other devices. You’ll get a high-quality product that will win you over with its high levels of precision and throughput speeds! The laser parameters can be flexibly adjusted to the material in question in order to always achieve optimal results.

The benefits of using a laser to mark watch parts

While engraving an etching was mostly achieved by mechanical means in the past, the watch industry relies on the latest laser technology nowadays. And no wonder! After all, marking watch parts with a laser provides some significant benefits. The flexible laser technology is suitable for a broad range of materials. As this method is contactless, the material remains unstressed mechanically, and there are no tool costs or expensive maintenance works. The laser markers from JustLaser are distinguished by their high precision, as even the smallest watch parts can be marked or engraved efficiently and accurately. The following watch parts are processed using a laser:

  • Casing
  • Mechanical components
  • Watch bases
  • Watch faces
  • Bezels
  • Flywheel masses
  • Crowns, etc.

Finishing watch parts

When marking watch parts with a laser, you can personalise the valuable pieces according to your wishes. Whether it’s logos, graphics or lettering – there are no limits on your creativity or imagination!

Functional labelling of watch parts

Laser marking is also used for functional labelling – for identifying watch parts and to ensure they are traceable, for example. Furthermore, serial numbers and batch numbers can also be applied to watch parts accurately, in a forgery-proof way and with maximum precision.

Laser marking in prototype production

JustLaser laser technology can also be used in prototype construction. Unlike in mass production, it’s usually only individual parts that are produced here, and often from materials which are atypical for the watch industry, e.g. acrylic. The laser markers from JustLaser will inspire you here too!

These materials are used for marking watch parts with a laser

A variety of materials are used in the production of watches. The following materials are suitable as watch parts for marking with a laser:

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Laser engraving vs. laser marking

In classical engraving, material is mechanically removed through scratching, piercing or chiselling; in laser marking, by contrast, the material of the watch parts is vaporised by the energy from the laser or its contrast is changed, depending on the process.

  • Laser engraving

In laser engraving, the surface of the material is heated using a computer-controlled laser so that it vaporises or burns and leaves behind a permanent, abrasion-resistant engraving. The smart laser technology from JustLaser consistently delivers top quality as you don’t need any technical skills or additional tools.

  • Annealing marking

No material is removed in tarnishing engraving, the colour is created by heat. The laser triggers an oxidation process beneath the surface, resulting in a colour change. Different colours can be created depending on the temperature and the metal.

Fibre- and CO2-Lasers

You can use either a fibre laser or a CO2 laser for marking watch parts with a laser. Blank and untreated metals can be processed with a fibre laser. They are suitable for engraving a variety of watch parts like the casing, watch bases, mechanical components and flywheel masses. Leather watchstraps, seals and glass can also be marked using a CO2 laser.

Laser marking with a laser marker

from JustLaser

When marking watch parts with a laser, rely on the highly-precise laser markers from JustLaser! This means you won’t just benefit from higher productivity in comparison to other devices, but also from a lower cost of purchase! Metal, plastic or glass – with a high-quality JustLaser Laser Marker, you can process a large number of different materials. Individual configurations make it possible for a wide range of possible applications and a variety of motifs and inscriptions to be produced without needing to retool. Practical accessories and the advanced laser software enable maximum efficiency. The precision of JustLaser Laser Markers ensures perfect results every time and impresses with consistent and top standards of quality! The process is also extremely gentle: laser processing is contactless, meaning surfaces are not damaged.

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