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Engraving heavy stones

Whether it’s a personal gift for a wide variety of occasions, an expression of love for a wedding or as a souvenir – use the laser cutters from JustLaser to immortalise your individual messages, elaborate ornamentation or drawings in stone. Simple words or lettering can be produced just as easily as detailed graphics and even photos! There are no limits on your creativity when it comes to engraving stone with a laser. Engrave a wide variety of stones such as marble, slate, granite or porcelain and finish or personalise the stylish natural products.

Using lasers on natural stone

Lasers are used to engrave stone in the commemorative items industry, in craft and design, with photo engravings, for gifts, promotional products, decorative items and for interior design, e.g. for stone tiles. Laser engraving really comes into its own and achieves fantastic results for dark types of stone such as basalt, slate or granite. So, pretty much any individual design can be produced using the high-quality laser cutters from JustLaser – regardless of whether they’re photos, designs, pieces of text or logos. Laser engraving is frequently used for the following products:

  • Gravestones, urns, commemorative plaques and steles
  • Wall and floor tiles, worktops and furniture
  • Designing and customising jewellery made from natural stone

Which types of stone can be engraved with a laser cutter?

Stones or rocks refer to solid objects consisting of one or more minerals. The precise and efficient laser machines from JustLaser are not only suitable for processing a variety of metals, plastic and wood, but also for engraving or marking various types of stones, such as:

  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Basalt
  • Pebbles
  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Salt crystals
  • Ceramic and porcelain
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This is how engraving stones with a laser works

When processing stones using laser technology, a bundled laser beam removes the surface from the selected type of rock. While laser marking creates micro cracks in a material, producing light, matte marking, laser engraving stones wins people over with a greater depth. A general rule is that the darker and more homogenous a stone, the more precise and high-contrast the effect. The result resembles an inscription produced by etching or sandblasting. However, in contrast to those processes, the material is processed directly in laser engraving, which is why you don’t need pre-made stencils. In addition, the laser technology from JustLaser is suitable for processing a wide variety of material thicknesses and is even suitable for engraving the smallest items thanks to its fine line management. CO2 lasers are usually used for engraving stone, but a number of different types of stone can also be processed using a fibre laser.

What are the benefits of laser engraving with JustLaser

Engraving stone with JustLaser laser machines has a whole range of benefits in comparison to conventional processes like sandblasting, stone etching or CNC engraving:

  • Quick and simple

No tools are necessary for laser engraving, nor is the production of stencils. Simply create the design you want in a graphics program and send it to the laser via a print command. Unlike in milling, for example, no special tools are required for different types of stone, material thicknesses or designs. This means you don’t waste time retooling.

  • Gentle on tools and materials

As laser engraving of stone is contactless, it is a particularly gentle process. The stone doesn’t need to be fixed in place, which means the surface of the material is not damaged and there is no tool wear. No costs are incurred for expensive maintenance or new purchases.

  • Flexible

The process is suitable for nearly any material surface, thickness or shape.

  • Precise

While etching and chiselling are manual tasks, which always involve a certain degree of inaccuracy, the automated laser cutters from JustLaser are characterised by their high repetition accuracy at consistent levels of quality. Even fine details can be produced accurately.

  • Permanent

Engraving stone with JustLaser Laser Cutters creates permanent, weather-proof and frost-proof results which do not fade.

  • Cost-effective

Lasers are the most cost-effective engraving method as there is no tool wear and no maintenance costs, and JustLaser laser machines are economical for both small and large lots. The technology from JustLaser doesn’t just win people over through low maintenance costs and a low investment risk, but also through its ease of use and high throughput rates. The use of an extractor is recommended as the particulates produced may be harmful for people and machines.

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