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It’s not just in industrial production for processing metal and plastic that laser cutting and laser marking are considered efficient and advanced processes. The modern technology also offers a number of benefits when it comes to using lasers on paper, business cards, etc. in digital printing. Customise or finish your stationery and make your products stand out. Whether you want to give your business cards an unusual shape with fine, laser-cut edges or a special surface structure for an interesting feel – the laser machines from JustLaser make it possible! Benefit from maximum efficiency and outstanding results!


The ability to use lasers on paper, business cards, etc. in digital printing gives copy shops and print shops a number of options for finishing printed products such as flyers, packaging, cards, invitations, etc. The process has proven to be profitable, even for small print runs, and has already established itself as a popular method in the industry. Many other print materials in addition to paper can be processed using the laser cutters from JustLaser. As laser cutters can even produce fine designs with thin lines accurately and have a high degree of flexibility, you can implement a large number of customisation options. At the same time, they are particularly gentle on delicate materials and are therefore ideally suited for processing paper.


The precise laser technology can be used to not only cut or engrave digital print products, but also to perforate or finish them. Let your creativity run free! The use of lasers on paper, business cards, etc. in digital printing has applications for the following products:

  • Business cards
  • Invitations, greetings cards and place cards
  • Announcements such as marriage announcements, birth announcements and death announcements
  • Flyers
  • Special packaging, labels, etc.

In addition, a variety of materials can be processed when using lasers on digital print products:

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Similar to wood and cardboard, the sublimation process is used when cutting various types of paper. In this process, the material is vaporised by the laser, which produces a fine cut. Optimised laser parameters, table extractors and air being blown in prevent the fine material from burning.

Print enhancement is also an important topic when it comes to using lasers on paper, business cards, etc. in digital printing. Surfaces are selectively changed and thus made more interesting using the following processes:

  • Laser punching: in this process, as in laser cutting, a laser is used to precisely produce fine details.
  • Laser perforation: all types of perforation can be produced easily using the efficient JustLaser Laser Cutters. In this method, tiny holes are produced using a laser to provide a special look and feel.
  • Laser marking: whether it’s invitations, flyers or business cards – in laser marking, the material in question is burned or vaporised, bringing about a high-contrast change to the surface of the material.

Along with using lasers on paper, business cards, etc. in digital printing, JustLaser also provides the ideal laser machines for cutting metal, aluminium, sheet metal and copper or acrylic.


You can benefit twice over with the laser cutters from JustLaser: a lower investment risk and low set up costs meet increased productivity and a higher throughput rate in comparison to other devices!

In addition, a laser cutter can be used to customise or personalise different types of paper and digital prints according to your ideas. Fine contours and patterns, unusual shapes and detailed cuts can be produced quickly and precisely. Simply create your designs in your graphics program and send them to your JustLaser Laser Cutter via print command. Our laser machines work efficiently for both individual and mass production.

As using lasers on paper and business cards in digital printing is a contactless process and the material is not placed under any strain – unlike in punching – the delicate material remains intact. In addition, there are no tool costs or expensive maintenance works. Smart automation functions facilitate maximum efficiency. A brief summary of the benefits of JustLaser laser machines:

  • Complex patterns can be produced
  • Contours can be freely defined
  • Product value can be increased through customisation options
  • Consistently high quality
  • Contactless process without needing to fix anything in place
  • No tool wear
  • High economic efficiency

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