Metal laser engraving with laser engraving machine

With a laser engraver, you can engrave metals without contact and with low maintenance compared to classic engravers
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Dalla personalizzazione di regali individuali o di vari materiali pubblicitari alla marcatura industriale - un dispositivo di incisione laser per l'incisione laser del metallo offre una vasta gamma di applicazioni e una varietà di vantaggi rispetto a un dispositivo di incisione classico. A differenza delle macchine da incisione CNC, l'incisione laser è un processo completamente senza contatto ed è quindi molto più delicato, più economico e più sostenibile! Inoltre, con i moderni incisori laser di JustLaser, sia i metalli morbidi che quelli duri possono essere incisi e marcati al laser in modo preciso, permanente ed efficiente.

Laser engraving machines from JustLaser for industrial and creative laser marking

A laser engraving device for metal laser engraving from JustLaser is ideally suited for industrial laser marking, as it is frequently used in tool and machine construction, in the electronics sector as well as in the automotive industry and medical technology for functional labeling and coding, production information and product labeling as well as type plates. Especially in industries where the traceability of components is mandatory for safety reasons, you benefit from the durable, abrasion-resistant, high-contrast as well as heat- and acid-resistant laser engraving or marking by JustLaser.

In addition, JustLaser's laser machines can also be used for the creative design and personalization of advertising materials and gift items. This extremely time- and cost-efficient method is popular with sign makers, engravers or in the advertising industry for processing products such as information signs, jewelry, smartphones and notebooks, lighters, etc.

Color markings on stainless steel

In addition, a laser engraver from JustLaser can also be used for color marking on stainless steel. This is a special type of annealing marking. Generally, in this form of marking, the heat of the laser triggers an oxidation process below the surface of the material, which leads to a color change. The surface remains completely unaffected. Depending on the temperature selected, different colors can be achieved during marking, which opens up new possibilities, especially in creative laser marking.

Laser Engraving Machines

Which metals can be processed with a laser engraver?

The advantages of laser engravers

Whereas engraving used to be carried out by means of scratch or etch engraving or with a CNC engraving machine, today the choice mostly falls on a laser engraving machine for metal laser engraving. The reason for this is relatively simple: modern laser engraving machines offer significantly more possibilities in the processing of metal and stainless steel.

Since a classic engraving machine mills or carves the desired motif into the surface of the object to be processed, the material and tool may be subjected to high mechanical stress. Therefore, the processing of steel, stainless steel or stone with the help of this technology is only possible with limitations. Here, material wear and frequent tool changes are pre-programmed.

A laser engraving machine, on the other hand, engraves metal, stainless steel and other materials completely contact-free and thus much more gently for machine and material. All metals, stone, wood or textiles can be processed with your JustLaser laser cutter without any problems. You can rely on high-quality and precise results - even for the smallest geometries. In addition, our cost-efficient laser technology convinces with a relatively low investment risk and high productivity. See for yourself!  


Laser engraver instead of classic engraver

A laser engraving device for metal laser engraving from JustLaser is considered to be a particularly efficient and gentle method for marking a wide variety of surfaces and thus enables a high degree of flexibility in material processing. Especially with regard to a classic engraving device, there are numerous advantages:

  • Highest precision
    Thanks to the precision of our JustLaser laser engravers, even the most complex and smallest designs can be permanently engraved with fine line widths in hard-to-reach places with pinpoint accuracy. This results in great design freedom when creating creative designs. With conventional engraving machines, on the other hand, the milled edges often have to be repolished manually. In addition, this process results in increased dust formation, which can have a negative effect on the result, as the dust changes the engraving depth and can sometimes make the designs unclean.
  • Great flexibility
    In the processing of a wide variety of metals, the laser process demonstrates its particular flexibility. The process can be used on numerous surfaces and thicknesses. And JustLaser laser cutters also offer considerable advantages in terms of design. Simply use your usual graphics software to create the desired design, send your design to the laser engraver, select the appropriate parameters, insert the engraving material and engrave your job at the touch of a button - quickly and easily!
  • Gentle processing
    A JustLaser laser engraver for metal laser engraving processes any materials without contact. No force is applied to the material and even the most sensitive surfaces remain intact.
  • Highest cleanliness even without extraction
    In abrasive processes, the removal of the material results in increased dust formation. Since dust can have undesirable consequences for the engraving result, a special extraction device is required here. Laser engraving, on the other hand, does not require dust extraction. Since the material evaporates, there is no dust or chips and no residue on the workpieces. The workplace remains clean and employees are not held up by chip-removing activities or cleaning work.
  • No material or tool wear
    As an engraver mills or scribes motifs and designs into surfaces, there can be high stress on the corresponding material, which can sometimes cause damage. With lasers, however, there is no material wear. There is no need for cost-intensive maintenance work.
  • Minimal maintenance
    Since a laser engraver for metal laser engraving processes any metals such as stainless steel completely without contact, the material does not need to be fixed or treated with tools. Therefore, the devices do not wear out even in continuous use and remain highly precise. With a classic engraving device, on the other hand, there are ongoing follow-up costs due to frequent tool changes and wear, consumables and sometimes time-consuming maintenance.
  • Time- and cost-efficient processes
    Due to the non-contact processing of metals by a laser cutter, laser engraving is one of the fastest processes on the market and significantly faster than mechanical methods. High throughput speeds with no additional steps at all and great repeatability enable cost-effective production. With JustLaser's modern technology, you also benefit from a low investment risk. If you are interested, we would be happy to calculate your return on investment (RoI)!

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