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Engraving signs

Productive with laser engraving machines from JustLaser

Whether it’s for university lecture halls, schools, hotels, museums or shops, or in automotive and mechanical engineering, signage can be found everywhere as a number of products, systems and places need to be labelled. This labelling is usually done by means of signs of various sizes and made from various materials. Do you want to engrave your signs with a laser? That’s a good choice!

Signage made of a variety of metals, wood or plastic can be best processed using the modern laser machines from JustLaser. Be won over by our precise lasers, which can even accurately produce complex and delicate structures, and benefit from a low investment risk and a simultaneously high level of productivity.

Mark and engrave signs creatively with a laser

Whether it’s for interior or exterior use, if you engrave signs with a laser, you’re giving it permanent, abrasion-resistant and heat-resistant marking. An individual design – be that an unusual shape, a special logo or a fancy inscription – makes more of your sign and makes it look more interesting. The modern laser machines from JustLaser are quick, efficient and cheap for both individual production and for small batches. The following areas of application enjoy great popularity:

  • Signs for exterior and interior areas
  • Company signs
  • Type plates on finished products (manufacturer, serial number, production date, CE, ...)
  • Advertising signs
  • Information and safety signs
  • Name and door plates
  • Inscriptions on cups and trophies
  • Labels
  • Cases
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Which materials are suitable for laser engraving signs?

A number of different materials are suitable for engraving signs with JustLaser Laser Engravers, including pretty much any industry-related metal, wood, paper and plastic:

How engraving signs with a laser works

Any material can be permanently marked with a laser when laser engraving signs. In this process, the surface of the material is vaporised or oxidised by the heat, resulting in an abrasion-resistant engraving.

Another benefit of JustLaser laser machines is that you don’t need to learn any new software. Create the design you want in your usual graphics program, just as you would when printing on paper, and send it to the laser. Individual parameters can be fine-tuned for optimisation. This is useful with wood, for example, as the water content can vary from batch to batch and can thus produce a different engraving image. The efficient laser engravers from JustLaser engrave individual parts just as reliably as small batches or large batches.

Your benefits with JustLaser

Whether it’s metal, plastic or glass – you can enjoy a number of benefits and use the laser machines from JustLaser to engrave signs. Produce signage for interior and exterior areas and do it quickly and in a cost-effective way.

  • Cost-effective: as the laser engraving of signs is contactless, no costs are incurred for consumable materials or tool wear. Additionally, the products do not need pre-treatment or post-treatment. The work pieces do not need to be clamped either.
  • Precise: the laser engravers from JustLaser can produce simple shapes just as easily as complex contours, fine markings and delicate motifs.
  • Quick: engraving signs with a laser is significantly more efficient than comparable mechanical marking processes and is cheaper as a result.
  • Robust and permanent laser markings: annealing marking is high-contrast, permanent and abrasion-resistant.
  • Gentle on materials: the contactless process is particularly gentle on any material surface.
  • Versatile: almost any material can be processed thanks to the dual source laser combinations from JustLaser.

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