Laser Engraving

The JustLaser Laser Engravers are the perfect machines for starting your own business. It has never been so easy and efficient! More information here!

Laser Engraving

Hardly any technology is as trendy as laser engraving, both for marketing and merchandising articles and in industrial production. Modern laser engraving machines from JustLaser enable individual engravings, personal gifts, creative giveaways as well as photo engravings or inscriptions of prototypes. While outdated technologies such as scratch or etch engraving or CNC engraving machines had numerous limitations, laser engraving offers almost endless possibilities. No paint is removed and no material is damaged. The results convince by highest precision and shapely representations.

Whether for individual parts, large margins or prototypes: A JustLaser laser engraver works efficiently and makes it possible to engrave almost any material quickly and easily. Fonts, patterns, ornaments or functional inscriptions are transferred to the workpiece with pin-sharp precision. The workflows are process-optimized - there is no need to make a time-consuming stencil, nor is there any need for pre- or post-processing. Practically at the push of a button, laser engraving with the JustLaser produces results that are second to none!


Laser engraving is a modern technology for creating permanent, abrasion-resistant engravings on a wide variety of materials. Due to the heat effect of the laser, a material is vaporized or burned to a certain depth. Depending on the exposure time, the color changes, creating the desired contrast and the engraving is created.

Depending on the type of laser engraving, the process sequence for laser engraving also differs. For example, large-area engraving of pictures, thick lettering or wood engravings is done using raster engraving. The graphic, which is made up of image pixels, is transferred to the material line by line and point by point. Finer curves and lines, on the other hand, require vector engraving. The thin lines are scanned by the laser one after the other, vector by vector, and transferred to the material quite quickly.

In contrast to conventional engraving machines, laser engraving machines allow marking of almost any material. This means that even metals or various types of stone can be engraved with your JustLaser. Even the smallest geometries are implemented precisely and with high throughput speeds in incomparable perfection. Thanks to the efficiency of this technology, investments in a JustLaser laser engraving machine usually pay off quickly.


Operating a JustLaser laser engraving machine is relatively simple and can be easily integrated into existing work processes:

1. You create the desired engraving in your own graphics program, such as AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.
2. Then you send the data to your JustLaser using a print command.
3. The laser software then creates the ideal laser parameters all by itself based on your wishes.
4. You quickly have the finished engraving result in your hands.

This guarantees perfect laser engraving results with foolproof handling. See for yourself!


With a modern JustLaser laser engraver, countless materials can be laser engraved - such as:


The advantages of laser engraving with a state-of-the-art JustLaser laser engraver are obvious:

  • Efficient & economical: Compared to alternative technologies, JustLaser's laser machines impress with maximum efficiency. Thanks to the fast throughput rates and high productivity, the comparatively low investment pays off quickly.
  • Countless possibilities: The application possibilities of a JustLaser laser engraver know hardly any limits. No matter what material, no matter if single or serial production - you will have a perfect engraving result in your hands after every production job!
  • Contactless & gentle: When laser engraving with a JustLaser laser engraver, you do not have to fix the workpiece. This way, even the most sensitive materials can be processed.
  • No additional costs: The investment in a JustLaser laser engraver pays off in many ways. Another advantage is the accuracy with which production costs can be calculated. After all, there are no follow-up costs after the purchase. Thanks to contactless processing, there is no need for additional expenditure on consumables or tool wear.
  • Results in perfection: In laser engraving, the result is what counts above all: Only a precisely depicted motif or flawless logo gives the workpiece the high value it deserves. The laser engravers from JustLaser impress our customers with their precise results as well as reliable repeatability. No matter what material you want to process - the result will convince you and your customers alike!
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