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When cutting seals with a laser, it demands technologies that exhibit top levels of precision and flexibility. Laser processes are considered the gold standard among popular technologies. Anyone wanting to cut seals / sealing material with a laser would be well advised to use a JustLaser Laser Cutter.

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Seals are exposed to great stresses in industrial and private use. Their function is usually essential for quality assurance. Seals also play an important role with regard to environmental and safety awareness. After all, they are supposed to keep unwanted – and sometimes even harmful – materials out of end products and other areas. Not least because of this, an exact cut is enormously important for their functionality.

Seals made from rubber, cardboard or other sealing materials can be processed using a CO2 laser with such precision that high-quality results are guaranteed. When cutting seals / sealing material with a laser, you can work with your usual graphics program right from the start. Your staff do not need to be trained. See for yourself – you’ll be delighted by the precise – and, thanks to the thermal laser process, sealed – cutting edges and the ease of use!


Seals made from rubber have applications in both industry and private use. A smooth cut with exact edges is produced when cutting rubber with a CO2 laser. This is hugely beneficial when cutting seals / sealing material with a laser – top quality is demanded here, after all.

A number of types of rubber can also be engraved using a laser. Logos, inscriptions and manufacturing parameters are produced on the rubber with maximum precision.  Both low quantities and serial productions can be produced quickly and easily with a JustLaser Laser Engraver.


Cardboard is a thick paper product that is also used in the production of special seals. The laser process is extremely advantageous as seals must be cut particularly precisely. A 9.3 µm or 10.6 µm CO2 laser is usually used when cutting cardboard with a laser – both variants guarantee high-quality results with clean cutting edges and low discolouration. Individual pieces can also be produced quickly and easily in this way.

Of course, in addition to cutting seals / sealing material with a laser, it is also possible to mark cardboard with a laser: This produces a permanent surface marking without any depth, and which becomes lighter or darker depending on the material. Additional depth and contrast can be produced when engraving with a laser.

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Seals have a number of possible applications in industry. Their primary function is to keep unwanted materials from a specific area away from others. The quality of the seal is often a significant factor in the successful production of a final product. In order to be able to cut seals / sealing material, you need a high-quality laser. With a JustLaser Laser Cutter, you can rely on the precise cutting of a variety of sealing materials. The benefits are obvious:

  • Maximum flexibility: regardless of whether the seals are made from rubber or cardboard – you can precisely process a variety of materials with a JustLaser Laser Cutter. You can benefit from a high degree of flexibility when it comes to choosing contours – the results also impress with their exact cutting edges. Even complex seals with low dimensions can be produced quickly and easily using a laser. Even low quantities or individual products can – in contrast to punching processes – be produced quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Gentle process: there is absolutely no tool wear as the seals are processed without making contact. Contactless processing also has the advantage that it does not result in the material warping. A consistently high cutting quality and clean cutting edges are produced.
  • High time efficiency: anyone wanting to cut seals using a laser will not need to set up special tools or even change tools. The technology helps your team save time: thanks to precise cutting edges, it is no longer necessary to carry out further post processing.
  • Low cleaning requirements: anyone using a laser to cut seals or sealing material can rely on precise cutting edges. As hardly any dust is produced during the process, the cleaning requirements for the workspace are extremely low.
  • Maximum efficiency: in contrast to alternative processing options, laser technology is extremely cost-effective – thanks to high throughput rates, ease of use and relatively low acquisition costs.

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