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Cutting plotters are technical devices which can be used to mechanically cut graphics, lettering and a variety of shapes from a variety of materials such as paper, thin wood, plastic, adhesive film, cardboard and rubber (e.g. for sealing rings). They are very similar to conventional printers, but, unlike conventional printers, can only produce vector graphics, not pixels. The plotter’s maintenance requirements are a significant weakness.

As laser cutting – in contrast to plotting – is a contactless cutting technique, JustLaser laser machines do not exhibit wear marks. That means there are no expensive maintenance expenses, which makes the laser process particularly cost-efficient. The purchase of a high-quality JustLaser laser machine soon pays for itself. We’ll be happy to calculate your return on investment (ROI). Don’t hesitate to contact us!


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To ensure that there is no loss of quality with cutting plotters, the devices must be serviced at regular intervals, and wear parts such as pinch rollers, cutting strips, blade holders and plotter blades must be replaced. Especially if the cutting quality worsens, output and target sizes are no longer congruent or other problems occur.

Using a worn blade or a worn-out cutting strip will result in an unclean cutting edge. Replacement blades for cutting plotters must be swapped out relatively frequently as they wear out quickly with daily use. If the pinch rollers wear out, it will no longer be possible to transport the cutting material evenly, meaning the start and end point differ from each other. If the blade holder is worn, the plotter will no longer be able to cut accurately. The costs for the replacement parts for a cutting plotter add up over a long service life, while practically no maintenance costs are incurred through laser cutting.

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In contrast to cutting plotters, highly-efficient laser cutting machines from JustLaser are suitable for a wide range of applications, materials and material thicknesses. As laser cutting is a contactless process, the cutting edges are extremely precise. The material surfaces are not damaged or squashed. The production of fine and complex shapes and patterns is no problem for modern JustLaser laser machines. With a laser, you can enjoy these and more benefits in comparison to other methods:

  • Efficient work processes: JustLaser laser technology is considered to be a particularly efficient cutting process. Exceptionally quick process flows, high cutting speeds and simple operation lead to particularly high throughput speeds.
  • Great flexibility: a wider range of materials can be processed using laser cutting than is possible using cutting plotters. Lasers are also suitable for thicker materials.
  • Material-friendly processing: the contactless laser process means that a wide variety of materials are cut in a particularly gentle way.
  • Precise incisions: laser machines from JustLaser can make cuts more quickly and more easily than a cutting plotter. The incisions are also more precise than those of a number of popular technologies. Complex shapes and designs are no problem for the laser!
  • No material wear and low maintenance costs: there is absolutely no wear and tear as the laser doesn’t come into contact with the material during the cutting process. There are practically no extra costs due to material wear and maintenance. JustLaser laser technology gives you maximum cost control.
  • High quality: enjoy the highest standards of quality – for both individual production and mass production. Low-wear and low-maintenance laser cutting means there is almost no loss of quality, and the results always impress with their maximum precision!
  • Simple handling: JustLaser laser machines are characterised by ease of use. Designs are generated in your usual graphics programs and sent to your laser at the push of a button. Our laser software will suggest the ideal laser parameters for you. It doesn’t get easier than that!
  • Enjoy benefits with JustLaser: at JustLaser, relatively low investment risks meet low set-up costs and a variety of potential applications. This makes our laser systems a sensible investment for companies of any size. Go for one of our highly-efficient devices and enjoy these benefits too.

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