Promotional items with laser engraving

Using the JustLaser Laser Engravers for individually and efficiently designing promotional materials
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Engraving promotional items with a laser

High-quality promotional materials with added value are enjoying increasing popularity. Whether they’re lighters, tools, keyrings or USB sticks – gifts with a meaning which your customers will benefit from in the longer term leave behind a lasting impression. These little gimmicks only become effective tools if you customise and personalise the promotional materials with a laser engraver, including a message or a logo.

Creatively inscribe promotional materials with a laser

With the efficient laser engravers and laser markers from JustLaser, you can quickly and easily add individual promotional messages to a wide variety of materials at the push of a button. Metal, various plastics and glass can be processed using modern laser machines just as easily as textiles or wood. JustLaser Laser Engravers and Laser Markers win people over due to their consistently high standards of quality in both individual production and for larger batches. When it comes to promotional materials, laser marking is frequently used for customising and personalising the following products:

  • Pens, notebooks and a variety of office supplies
  • Lighters
  • Cutlery
  • Keyrings
  • Pocketknives and tools
  • Locks
  • Kitchen helpers
  • Bottles and glasses
  • Textiles
  • USB sticks, etc.


Our Laser Machines

How does laser marking work?

Laser marking means that products are given a permanent inscription by means of a laser. The process is frequently used for customising and personalising promotional materials. Distinctions between different methods depend on the material and quality requirements:

  • Laser engraving

In laser engraving, the material is heated by the laser beam so much that the surface is vaporised or burned down to a specific depth. This produces a permanent, abrasion-resistant engraving.

  • Black marking

Black marking is used for metals. In this process, the surface of the metal is heated, causing a high-contrast and abrasion-resistant oxide layer to form.

  • Annealing marking

As the laser markers in this process trigger an oxidation process beneath the surface, resulting in a change of colour on the surface, annealing marking creates non-perceptible marks.

  • Ablation

Ablation can be carried out on any material with a topcoat. This coat is selectively removed, causing differently-coloured lettering to come to the fore.


Any promotional materials – which can be made from a wide variety of materials – can be customised or personalised using JustLaser laser machines:

Fibre lasers and CO2 Lasers

CO2 lasers mark wood, paper, textiles and glass quickly and easily. Use one of our practical CO2 laser machines to customise and personalise promotional materials and benefit from the advantages and unique versatility of the JustLaser laser machines!

Whether you’re using a laser marker with a fibre laser source or a CO2 laser engraver, JustLaser laser machines will win you over with their consistently top results and ease of use. Create logos and pieces of text in your usual graphics software and send them to your laser at the push of a button.


Your benefits with JustLaser

You can enjoy a number of benefits when customising and personalising promotional materials with a laser. Furnish your gifts with an individual and durable message or your customer’s logo:

  • Maximum efficiency: the laser machines from JustLaser are significantly quicker and more efficient than is possible in other marking processes. They also win people over with their low investment risk and high levels of productivity in comparison to other devices.
  • Flexibility and precision: it doesn’t matter what design you want to produce – no text or logo is too small or delicate for the laser engravers from JustLaser, which can even produce fine, thin lines and will win you over with their maximum precision and precise repetition accuracy. You can also process a wide range of materials with just one device.
  • Ideal cost control: as the process of customising and personalising promotional materials with a laser is contactless, there are no additional expenses for consumable materials or tool wear. This means that production costs are easy to calculate.
  • Continuous quality: the precise JustLaser machines produce the perfect results for every order, whether it’s individual production or high margins.
  • Gentle processing: as the material does not need to be fixed in place for processing with a laser, even delicate materials like paper can be marked in a gentle way.

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