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Cutting packaging with a laser

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High-quality packaging is not just for the safe storage of products, it is also for their presentation. The packaging often plays just as much of a role in the customer’s decision of what to purchase as the product itself. Packaging should always be attractively designed, protect the product, make it possible to transport and be simple to open.

The production of packaging with a laser cutter is extremely efficient. Whether it’s engraved glass for flacons, functionally or artistically cut paper or laser-cut acrylic packaging for particularly classy products or bottles – with the modern laser machines from JustLaser, you can cut and engrave a number of materials in the packaging industry quickly and precisely. Furthermore, you can also benefit from a low investment risk, high productivity and convincing results.


The efficient laser cutters from JustLaser have proven to be an extremely beneficial tool in packaging design, where different materials, a wide variety of requirements and design ideas all meet each other. From prototype construction to individual and serial production – packaging production with a laser cutter will surprise you with its precision, flexibility and speed. The quality is unchanged and remains high. JustLaser laser machines are suitable for the following applications:


A wide variety of materials can be processed quickly and efficiently when producing packaging with a laser cutter. Although paper, plastic and paperboard still make up the majority of packaging, other materials are suitable for its production:

  • Metallised packaging film
  • Metal film
  • Wood
  • Acrylic, Plexiglas, etc.
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A wide variety of processes are used when it comes to making packaging with laser cutter in order to put creative and practical storage options into effect quickly and efficiently.

  • Laser engraving: in laser engraving, a product is given a permanent and abrasion-resistant engraving. To achieve this, a material is heated by a laser so much that its surface is vaporised. The laser machines from JustLaser provide a large degree of artistic freedom. 
  • Laser cutting: in this method, material in the cutting gap is sublimated, i.e. vaporised, by a laser, creating a fine cut. “Normal” patterns (such as those which can be created using cutting dies) can be cut quickly and easily for the packaging industry, and unusual shapes can also be produced. The laser can quickly pay for itself, especially with small lot sizes and low throughput time requirements.
  • Surface finishing: whether it’s perforating, scoring or grooving – surface finishing is used for the visual and haptic design and structuring of a wide variety of materials. Make use of the process and design creative packaging!


When it comes to packaging production, the laser cutters from JustLaser can be used to directly process pretty much any common material. The gentle laser process has even proven to be beneficial for delicate materials like paper or paperboard. Thanks to the addition of air and the right laser parameters, even the finest materials can be processed ideally – without any errors or traces of smoke residue. As the laser process is contactless, the material doesn’t need to be fixed in place, meaning there is absolutely no crushing or damage to the material, in comparison to alternative methods like punching.

The contouring can be freely defined for both laser cutting and laser engraving. Even complex patterns, special shapes and delicate writings can be produced in a detailed and precise way. For maximum creativity with precise repetition accuracy! You can also enjoy a number of benefits when manufacturing packaging with a laser cutter from JustLaser:

  • Maximum efficiency: due to their levels of productivity, the short processing times and the low investment risk, the laser machines from JustLaser are significantly more efficient than alternative technologies. When you buy a modern JustLaser Laser Cutter, it quickly pays for itself. We’ll be happy to calculate your return on investment (ROI). Don’t hesitate to contact us!
  • Clean and quiet: the laser process is low-dust. A practical table extractor ensures maximum cleanliness. Lasers also win people over due to their low noise generation.
  • Ideal cost control: as the laser process is contactless, there are no follow-up costs for consumable materials, material wear or tool changes. That means that not only are production costs easy to calculate, but there is also absolutely no reduction in quality.
  • Continuous quality: whether individual production or high margins – the laser machines from JustLaser always provide convincing results.

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