Stainless steel laser cutting and laser engraving

Cut and engrave stainless steel up to 5mm with a laser cutter
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Laser cutting and engraving of metal is now one of the most economical, flexible and precise metalworking processes. All metals used in industrial processing are suitable for this purpose, with stainless steel accounting for a large proportion. Stainless steel laser cutting and laser engraving are used wherever complex geometries or industrial markings or even creative designs have to be implemented quickly, accurately and without force. The powerful and cost-efficient JustLaser laser cutters always convince with a low investment risk as well as high productivity rates and high-quality results

Can stainless steel be lasered?

The areas of application for stainless steel laser cutting and laser engraving are quite diverse. For example, the process is used when the finest geometries of high precision and quality have to be cut. And the method is also extremely popular for industrial marking or creative design due to its numerous advantages.

Our Laser Machines

Stainless steel laser cutting

Laser cutting of stainless steel achieves extremely narrow kerfs of high precision and quality. This means that even the finest designs can be implemented quickly and with maximum repeatability. A perfectly focused laser beam is the basic requirement for optimum results in metal cutting, which is why JustLaser uses capacitive height sensing that automatically adjusts the focus height to support you in your daily work. In addition, the addition of cutting gases such as nitrogen, oxygen and compressed air as well as the use of different lenses can further optimize the cutting results depending on the application.

Stainless steel laser engraving

Laser marking and engraving of stainless steel is frequently used in toolmaking and mechanical engineering, in the automotive industry, medical technology and in the electronics sector to apply production information such as serial numbers, functional markings, codes for permanent traceability and product labels in a permanent and forgery-proof manner. But the efficient and precise technology is also very popular in the advertising industry, among sign makers and engravers for the creative design of advertising materials and gift items.

Special color markings on stainless steel

Color marking on stainless steel is a special form of annealing. Here, the heat of the laser triggers an oxidation process below the material surface, which leads to a color change and leaves the surface completely intact. Depending on the temperature effect, different colors can be produced, which opens up numerous new possibilities for users, such as the reproduction of color logos. Thanks to the good reproducibility of colors, color markings are even possible in series production.

Best integration thanks to digital workflow

JustLaser's laser cutters for stainless steel laser cutting and laser engraving can be quickly and easily integrated into existing work processes. Create files directly in your familiar graphics program, send them to your laser and set the appropriate parameters for precise results using the laser software. Whether individual parts or product lines - laser cutting, laser engraving and laser marking with JustLaser laser machines succeed precisely and accurately.


Laser cutting stainless steel

The advantages of JustLaser

Stainless steel laser cutting and laser engraving brings a range of benefits - such as maximum precision and productivity, high cost efficiency, as well as intact surfaces and hardly any reworking thanks to contactless execution. Whatever projects you want to implement - the JustLaser laser cutters always convince with highest precision and productivity, intact surfaces and high cost efficiency.

  • Highest precision
    Our state-of-the-art JustLaser Laser Cutters can mark complex and minute details such as QR and barcodes, logos or UDI in fine line widths with pinpoint accuracy, legibility and high precision. Laser cutting, in turn, achieves extremely narrow kerfs of high precision and quality. This allows great flexibility in the processing of stainless steel.
  • Robust and durable laser markings
    Laser engraving is durable, abrasion-resistant, temperature- and acid-resistant, and tamper-proof.
  • Gentle processing
    Because stainless steel laser cutting and laser engraving, unlike other processes, is non-contact and no force is applied to the material, there is less damage, breakage and waste. The low-distortion and clean method means that hardly any reworking is required.
  • High cost efficiency
    Due to the non-contact processing of stainless steel, the material does not need to be fixed or treated with tools. Therefore, ongoing follow-up costs due to frequent tool changes and wear, consumables and sometimes time-consuming maintenance are eliminated.
  • Increased productivity
    Stainless steel laser cutting and laser engraving is one of the fastest processes on the market. The high throughput speed and repeatability enables cost-effective production.
  • Low investment costs
    JustLaser's laser machines are not only efficient, but are also characterized by relatively low investment costs. This is because with JustLaser, you acquire a high-quality device with a comparatively minimal investment risk, which has higher throughput speeds than other lasers and thus guarantees higher productivity. This is how JustLaser sets new standards! On average, the investment in a JustLaser laser cutter pays for itself after just a few years. If you are interested, we will be happy to calculate your RoI!

More info?

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