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Cut and engrave front plates efficiently and with maximum precision with the laser cutters from JustLaser
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A number of machines or devices have front plates, i.e. special operating displays with logos, text, graphics and dials. These tableaus, type plates and information signs must be cut out precisely for the subsequent operability of the device. When cutting front plates with a laser or machining bezels, laser technology offers a number of benefits: both industrial production and individual front plates can be produced quickly and in a cost-effective and high-quality way.


A variety of front plates can be cut with a JustLaser Laser Cutter: a number of materials and even partial front plates can be processed in this way. The focussed laser beam acts in a targeted way on the material of the front panel during the cutting process. It doesn’t matter whether it’s bezels for refrigerators and other devices or inscriptions for instrument cases or front plates for loudspeakers – the options are nearly limitless for a variety of materials.



With our laser cutters, front plates made from aluminium – anodised, natural or powder coated – can be cut without any problems. The matte, hardened surface of anodised aluminium is characterised by outstanding results. The material consists of an aluminium core, which guarantees stability, and an oxidised coat, which ensures robustness with regard to physical influences. Raw and natural materials as well as coloured or colourless anodised materials can be cut at various thicknesses using a JustLaser laser machine. Even individual pieces can be produced cost-effectively in this way.

You can also mark products through laser engraving without removing a significant amount of material. With anodised aluminium, the JustLaser Laser Cutter ensures that the colour pigments are selectively removed. This produces a strong, white contrast while also retaining the anodised coating. This results in a classy surface and maximum robustness, while simultaneously producing a perfectly legible inscription. It is possible to produce a number of colours – depending on the desired logo, coat of arms or text.



Front plates made from acrylic are also frequently processed in this way. The high-quality plastic will win you over due to its robustness and appealing appearance. The results are flame-polished cut edges which do not need to be re-polished. Along with acrylic, similar plastics such as plexiglass or polycarbonate (e.g. Makrolon®) front plates can also be cut with a laser.

Acrylic front plates can used inside and outside as they are extremely resistant to UV radiation, humidity and temperatures. To ensure a precise fit on the surfaces, these front plates must be processed with lasers – individual bezels can be produced quickly and easily in this way. They can either be glued or screwed in place – acrylic plates can be secured with normal tools by experienced DIY enthusiasts without any problems. Such panels aren’t just used in the furnishings sector – they are also frequently used in electronics, as well as in mechanical engineering and in the construction of control cabinets. As they can also be used on surfaces that heat up, laser-processed acrylic front plates are frequently also used in the electronics industry (e.g. for loudspeakers, etc.).



Special materials such as the PCB material FR4 can also be processed using a laser cutter without any problems. If a non-conductive insulating plate with robust temperature resistance is needed, FR4 is a good option. You can cut such front plates at any time with a JustLaser Laser Cutter. The range of materials and contours which can be cut with a laser is extremely broad: see for yourself with a laser machine from JustLaser!

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The benefits of cutting front plates with a laser are obvious: precise and clean cut edges without the need for any post-processing – and all this with high throughput speeds and relatively low costs. With a JustLaser Laser Cutter, you can save time and money when cutting front plates and enhance your image with the continuously high quality of your results.

  • Wide variation: it doesn’t matter whether the front plates are made from acrylic or aluminium – with a JustLaser Laser Cutter, you have the option to cut a variety of materials quickly and easily. The flame-polished cut edges do not need extra post-processing. Even low quantities or one-offs can be produced quickly and cost-effectively – in contrast to expensive milling processes.
  • Gentle and quick: while front plates need to be painstakingly clamped for milling, it isn’t necessary to fix anything in place when working with a JustLaser Laser Cutter. The result will win you over with its high precision and with absolutely no warpage. As there are fewer steps for you and your team, you’ll also be done much more quickly – in comparison to milling – when cutting with a laser.
  • Cost-effective: you don’t need to buy any special tools or change tools when processing front plates with a laser. Unlike milling, this doesn’t result in any ongoing maintenance costs, which guarantees maximum efficiency.
  • Precise and clean: no chips are formed when cutting front plates with a laser. The edges are so exact that they no longer need to be manually polished afterwards.
  • Digital workflow: the desired front plates can be produced quickly and easily in your personal graphics program. The data is transferred to the JustLaser Laser Cutter via print command – the digital workflow makes it possible for the technology to be integrated into your day-to-day work without any complications. In short, it’s efficient and effective at the same time!

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