Laser sustainability

How sustainably does a laser work?

Investing in a laser machine from JustLaser is not only easy on the wallet, but also on the environment.

Financial savings potential and tapping new potential are often at the top of the decision list in the procurement process of a laser engraver or laser cutter. But the issue of sustainability also plays a major role, because laser technology can also conserve resources.


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laser sandblasting v2

How to laser photos?

Mementos on wood, glass, metal and much more.

Laser engraving photos is a great way to create unique keepsakes. It doesn't matter if you want to engrave a photo on wood, glass, metal or any other material.


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laserengraved smartphone case

How to laser engrave wood?

Laser cutting and laser engraving of wood. The effective way to process wood.

Laser cutting wood is a great way to implement creative ideas and achieve unique results.


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laser engraving glass

Can glass be lasered?

Whether laser engraving on drinking glasses, bottles or glass plates - everything is possible with a laser engraving machine.

Glass is a sensitive material that is very difficult to work with. This makes it all the more amazing that modern laser technologies can be used to apply very precise and permanent inscriptions to glass without damaging the material.


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Non Treatable Laser Materials

Materials that cannot be processed with a laser

Only for a few materials the processing with a laser is not recommended

There are also materials that cannot be processed satisfactorily or at all with a laser.


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