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Aircrafttag Laser

Aircraft that are scrapped and the topic of sustainability in aviation - "Aviation Upcycling" from Austria has combined these two points and turned them into a successful business thanks to a JustLaser laser engraver.


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Blog laser cutting wood

Technological advances in wood laser cutting have made woodworking more precise and faster than ever before. The latest technologies offer a variety of ways to cut, engrave or mark wood the way you want.


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Laser processing inorganic organic

The variety of materials used in industrial applications is impressive. From organic to inorganic materials, the range of materials that must meet specific requirements extends.


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QR Codes Barcodes DMC lpn Codes

QR codes, barcodes, DMC, UDI and lpn codes are ubiquitous these days and can be found on almost every product. But what distinguishes the different types of codes from each other and which is suitable for which purpose?


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Laser Product marking

Laser engravers and laser markers are critical tools in the modern manufacturing and production world.


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Laser safety

There are four main classes of lasers used in laser engravers and laser cutters: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 and Class 4.


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