Laser cutter and engraver for toys

Laser Cutting a wide variety of materials, such as acrylic, wood, etc.
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Small toys like building blocks, craft products, model aeroplanes or puzzles can all be cut quickly and precisely with a JustLaser Laser Cutter. In addition to very popular wooden toys, a number of other materials can also be processed in this way.

Using a laser engraver, it is also possible to embellish surfaces with logos, two-dimensional patterns, quotes or individual names. Regardless of whether it’s for individual or serial production – cutting and engraving toys with a laser is an efficient method that will impress you with its aesthetic results!


Cutting and engraving toys with a laser is a versatile method for processing a variety of materials. Toys can be produced from a wide range of materials in this way:

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Cutting and engraving toys with a laser wins people over with its high-quality and precise results. The modern process is frequently used in designing wooden toys. The colour change makes the engraving look classy, and the dark cut edges are design elements. With a JustLaser Laser Cutter, you can cut and mark a number of toys:

  • Building blocks
  • Construction toys
  • Peg board games
  • Board games
  • Model aeroplanes
  • Jumping jacks
  • Cuddly toys
  • Electric motors or solar vehicles for school classes
  • Puzzles
  • School supplies, work supplies and craft supplies
  • A range of children’s toys


Cutting and engraving toys with a laser is a process that impresses through its numerous benefits. In addition to the comprehensive selection of materials, the results win people over across the board: as laser cutting is contactless, there are no breakages and there is no waste. The cutting quality is consistently high, even in serial production. As the cut edges remain burr-free, post-processing is no longer required. This also means that there is no chipping waste and that workspaces do not need to be cleaned every time. The benefits are obvious:

  • No tool wear: the laser does not get worn out, even by repeated use. While tools need to be changed on an ongoing basis in milling, there are practically no maintenance costs with lasers.
  • Great flexibility: you can cut accurate parts and fine patterns precisely using the laser machines from JustLaser. In addition, it is also possible to make each toy unique, e.g. by printing a name on each of them. In seconds flat, you can produce an elegant, characteristic and dark engraving in wood, for example, and you can make a wide range of adjustments to the contrast and engraving depth.
  • Quick and simple to produce: create your toy designs, logos or prints in your usual graphics program. Then send your design to your laser via print command and the toy will be produced in individual or serial production.
  • Gentle process: as the process of marking a toy with a laser is contactless, the product is not damaged in any way, nor is any residue left on it. As no chips are created, the workspace is always clean. The material does not warp, and you don’t need to spend a lot of time clamping the material (as you would with milling or sawing, for example).
  • Maximum efficiency: With the laser machines from JustLaser, you can benefit from high throughput rates and simple operation. The cost of purchase is relatively low in comparison to other technologies. Enjoy the benefits of this technology when cutting and engraving toys with a laser.

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