Cutting and engraving handicrafts with a laser.

Cutting and engraving artistic works with a laser
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Modern technology meets tradition: the laser process even enjoys great popularity in handicrafts and in the production of a wide range of decorative items! With a lot of attention to detail and individual ideas, you can refine your handicrafts and conjure up truly unique items!

Engraving hand-made decorations with a laser is a particularly simple way of processing and finishing various materials in a wide variety of ways. Benefit from low acquisition costs and short processing times with the modern laser technology from JustLaser and make your ideas and designs a reality quickly and efficiently – high-quality results included!


Whether it’s classy stone coasters, art prints, lanterns, models, wooden chests or jewellery boxes – there are hardly any limits on the possible applications of laser technology. Create special unique items and individual pieces and perfect your products with the laser machines from JustLaser! It is just as quick and simple to cut a wide variety of materials as it is to engrave and mark them with special designs, motifs and even photos! No wonder that engraving hand-made decorations is a common process nowadays and has numerous areas of application:



A wide variety of materials are used for laser engraving hand-made decorations and can be processed quickly and efficiently with the modern technology from JustLaser:

Our Laser Machines


When engraving hand-made decorations with a laser, the material can be processed in a variety of ways, depending on the desired effect.


Laser machines are suitable for creatively marking and finishing a wide variety of surfaces. Depending on the material chosen, a wide variety of processes can be used to immortalise logos, motifs and even photos in different materials permanently and in an abrasion-resistant way. Basically, laser engraving involves heating a material strongly with a laser in order to vaporise its surface. This produces a slightly tangible embossed effect with a strong to subtle contrast. Lasers can be used for perforating, scoring or grooving, especially for paper, leather, cardboard or paperboard. That means materials can be furnished with interesting visual and haptic structures.


The laser machines from JustLaser can cut a wide variety of materials quickly and efficiently, and thus produce particularly precise cut edges. Engraving hand-made decorations with a laser is a contactless process, meaning it is particularly gentle on all materials. For plastics, leather and textiles with plastic content, the laser automatically seals the edges (cut and seal), meaning fraying is avoided. Different methods are used depending on whether you want to process metal, paper and cardboard, leather or textiles.


The laser technology from JustLaser produces precise cuts just as easily as extraordinary engravings. Enjoy a number of other benefits when it comes to engraving hand-made decorations with a laser:

  • Perfect results thanks to maximum precision – even with unusual shapes and delicate details
  • Maximum flexibility when processing almost any material used in handicrafts
  • Maximum design freedom in surface finishing and laser marking
  • Hardly any dust is generated, meaning little cleaning effort is required
  • Particularly user-friendly thanks to extremely simple operation

Profitieren Sie von den JustLaser Lasermaschinen

Engraving hand-made decorations using the modern laser machines from JustLaser will win you over with its maximum precision, high cost and time efficiency and high-quality results!

  • Maximum precision: regardless of whether you’re using a laser to cut or engrave – the process is always characterised by maximum precision. Complex inscriptions in difficult-to-reach places can be produced just as easily as delicate cuts or unusually shapes.
  • Efficient work processes and maximum efficiency: thanks to their high throughput speeds, ease of use and a relatively low investment risk, the laser machines from JustLaser are among the most efficient technologies when it comes to effective materials processing. The cost of buying your own laser machine often pays for itself within the warranty period. We’ll be happy to calculate your return on investment (ROI) for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us!
  • Gentle process: As engraving hand-made decorations with a laser is a totally contactless process, it is extremely gentle on all materials. They do not need to be clamped and will not become warped during processing. In addition, there is absolutely no tool wear.
  • High time and cost efficiency: no post-processing, no additional consumable materials and absolutely no attachments are necessary in this contactless process. There is no need to change tools – regardless of the material you want to process with your laser machine. There is no time-intensive retooling and you can increase your production efficiency.

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