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Etching has a long tradition as a form of surface finishing in art and craftwork, and also had its earliest applications here – in damascening or weapons ornamentation, for example. Nowadays, logos, lettering and motifs can also be etched into various materials using a stencil. Despite its long history, etching has a significant drawback: substances which are dangerous and sometimes hazardous to health are used in this method. The procurement and disposal of etchants is subject to a number of statutory provisions.

By contrast, the laser markers from JustLaser work in a sustainable, precise and time-efficient way. Modern laser machines can apply functional inscriptions, writing and ornamentation to a variety of materials quickly and efficiently, and without the need for stencils and dangerous etchants. The devices, which have maximum repetition accuracy – both in individual and mass production – convince thanks to the contactless processing method.


In etching, the surfaces of organic and inorganic materials are ablated using corrosive substances, causing a recess to form. The etchants used are usually acids or strong oxidants, which trigger a chemical reaction on the surface of the material, thus changing it.



In order to be able to etch specific motifs into various materials, the surface must be covered with cover sheets or stencils in the desired shape before the start of the etching process. The stencils must be made from materials that can withstand the etchant. Etching stencils intended for long-term use need to be produced by third-party providers. In principle, you can produce single-use stencils yourself by buying a stencil printer. In both cases, however, extensive preparatory work is needed before the actual marking work can begin.

Not so with laser marking! The laser marker from JustLaser will wow you with its ease of use. Give your creativity free rein and create designs quickly and easily in your graphics software. Use the print command to send them to your JustLaser Laser Marker, which will automatically select the optimal parameters for you and provide you with perfect end results!



As mentioned, etching is carried out using a variety of etchants. Usually, these are not just corrosive, but also poisonous or harmful to health. Furthermore, the process itself can also result in the creation of aerosols harmful to lungs. As a result, strict safety precautions apply to etching. Waste must not be disposed of in household waste or sewage – it must instead be disposed of in a costly manner.

While etching is harmful to the environment and, occasionally, to health, laser marking is far more ecologically sustainable. Not only can the process be carried out without any tools, but a wide variety of materials can be processed without any contact. Even delicate surfaces remain mostly intact.



Laser marking is one of the most cost-efficient and material-friendly processes for marking a wide variety of materials. The laser markers from JustLaser are convincing on all fronts: with relatively little investment, you’ll acquire a technology which is distinguished by high processing speeds, top quality and precise results in individual and serial production. The acquisition costs usually pay for themselves within the warranty period. We’ll be happy to calculate your return on investment (ROI)! The method is also extremely flexible – it can be used to process almost any material. It doesn’t matter how big or small, subtle, delicate or complicated a motif is. You can also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Time and cost efficiency: unlike in etching, no preparatory works are required in laser marking, resulting in hardly any maintenance costs. In addition, modern JustLaser Laser Markers are distinguished by their high quality and throughput speed, meaning production costs can be kept low. This makes the technology particularly economical
  • Flexible choice of material: from metal and wood through to a variety of plastics and textiles – while etching techniques can only be applied to metal, glass and porcelain, laser marking is suitable for surfaces made from almost any material.
  • Maximum precision: laser marking is contactless. The laser beam exerts no (noteworthy) force on the workpiece, meaning that it is preserved and isn’t worn out after frequent use. It is no longer necessary to clamp the workpiece. The result: maximum repetition accuracy and absolutely no loss of quality, even in serial production.
  • Sustainable technology: laser marking is an extremely clean and low-dust form of materials processing, which is carried out without any tools or preparatory work. Etching, on the other hand, is carried out using poisonous or harmful etchants, which require costly professional disposal afterwards.
  • Easy to use: JustLaser Laser Markers win people over with their ease of use, as motifs can be created in familiar graphics programs, and sent to the device via print command. In order to create a desired shape through etching, you need a special stencil, which needs to be created in advance.

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