Cut with a laser more quickly and efficiently than with a water jet

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Water jet cutting is – similar to laser cutting or flame cutting – a cutting process in which material is removed. It is relatively environmentally friendly and is suitable for a broad variety of materials. However, the process has a significant drawback: water jet cutting prices are high.

By contrast, the modern and efficient laser machines from JustLaser win people over through their low investment risk, high throughput rates and precise results – regardless of whether they’re for individual or mass production. Complex patterns can be cut out quickly and easily, and a large range of processing materials guarantees maximum flexibility. Investment in a high-quality JustLaser laser machine quickly pays for itself.

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Unlike laser cutting, which is based on thermal energy, water jet cutting is a cold cutting process. High-pressure water meets the surface of a material, removing material as a result. There are two different types: water jet cutting with pure water or an abrasive water jet, to which a hard, powdery material (garnet powder, for example) is added. Although the cutting method is extremely sustainable and environmentally-friendly, the precision of the cut decreases as the material thickness and energy input increase. The process is extremely slow and time-consuming, especially for hard materials, which can result in restrictions in the production process. It is sensible and important for the water to be carefully treated and filtered before it is fed to the pump.

The costs for water jet cutting rise quickly in comparison to the laser cutting process. Before you buy a water jet cutter, you should consider whether it is the most efficient technology for your requirements. 



The laser technology from JustLaser wins people over as a highly-efficient process for cutting a wide variety of materials with varying thickness. As the processing is contactless and no force is exerted on the material in question as a result, the surface is not impacted or damaged in any way. In comparison to competing technology like water jet cutting, laser cutting does not require expensive maintenance works, which is why it is a particularly cost-effective variant. Invest in JustLaser laser machines and benefit from significant advantages over other methods:

  • Highly-efficient and quick processes: hardly any technology is as efficient as the laser. High cutting speeds, brief processing times and precise results make laser cutting one of the most economic cutting processes. JustLaser laser machines offer significantly higher throughput speeds than alternative technologies! Your production costs can be kept very low as a result.
  • Great flexibility: JustLaser laser machines can be used to cut any material – whether it’s metal, wood, plastic, textilespaper or stone. With water jet cutting, caution must be exercised with highly absorbent materials like wood and with any materials for which the penetration of moisture could result in corrosion.
  • Low noise emissions: water jet cutters occasionally generate a lot of noise. Safety precautions – such as wearing hearing protectors or constructing noise barriers – need to be taken as a result. By contrast, lasers generate very little noise.
  • Clean process: laser cutting is an extremely clean and low-dust way of processing materials. Water jet cutting, on the other hand, results in the formation of sludge. This, like the abrasive, must be disposed of safely and in an environmentally-friendly manner.
  • No material wear: laser cutting does not generate any follow-up costs for material wear or tool changes and wins people over with its minimal maintenance costs. Water jet cutters, on the other hand, have wear parts like pumps and cutting heads, which often need to be replaced depending on how often they’re used.
  • Simple handling: JustLaser’s laser machines are controlled digitally, just like ordinary standard printers. You simply create your designs in your usual graphics program and send them to the laser cutter via print command. Our laser software automatically selects the optimal laser parameters. For a simple and efficient work process!


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