Inkjet versus laser processes

With laser marking, you’ll get a permanent, abrasion-resistant and high-contrast marking.


Inkjet technology is probably a term everyone knows thanks to the ubiquitous inkjet printer – hardly an office anywhere is without one. The process is also used in the industrial sector – when applying expiry dates, addresses or personalising items, for example. However, inkjet marking is usually not permanent.

In contrast to inkjet technology, the laser process from JustLaser produces a permanent, abrasion-resistant and high-contrast marking on a wide variety of materials. As the process is also extremely time-efficient and cost-efficient, investing in a high-quality JustLaser Laser Marker quickly pays off.


In inkjet processes, components are automatically marked through the targeted application of small ink droplets, generating a printed image. The ink is driven out of the nozzles in different ways, depending on the method or type.



Inkjet marking is not permanent. It can come off easily, especially when a workpiece is exposed to high temperatures, aggressive chemicals or mechanical wear after it has been marked. As a result, inkjet processes are unsuitable for industries in which components must be permanently traceable.


A laser marker offers a number of benefits: a laser marking system is both forgery-proof and robust. It can withstand thermal, chemical and mechanical strain, is abrasion-resistant and resistant to solvents, oil and many acids and alkali. As a result, efficient JustLaser technology is frequently used for marking products with serial numbers or machine-readable codes and any other markings which must be durable and permanently readable.



Although inkjet processes produce few worn parts, the device must be regularly cleaned and serviced so that it can continue working perfectly over an extended period. Runners, for example, must always be kept clean. If printer heads are not used, they can dry out over time. They also become worn after extended use and may become blocked, which is why the printer heads must be cleaned and changed at regular intervals.

Laser markers, by contrast, do not require any tools, and the processing of a wide variety of materials is also contactless. This means there are no wear marks and that maintenance costs are extremely low. JustLaser Laser Markers also win people over with their maximum repetition accuracy and consistent precision and quality – both in one-off and mass production.


Laser marking isn’t just an efficient method for marking a variety of materials, it’s also gentle on materials. As the processing is contactless, almost any material – even delicate materials – can be processed. As a result, laser marking is among the most flexible technologies on the market. You can also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Precise: even complex ornaments can be marked out perfectly and with high precision with fine lines and in difficult-to-reach places.
  • Save time: with JustLaser Laser Markers, we always guarantee quick marking, for both individual and mass production. It doesn’t matter whether you want to produce motifs, designs or lettering – no reconfiguring or tool changing is required.
  • Economic: in contrast to inkjet processes, there are no additional costs for tool wear with laser marking. Maintenance and servicing costs are minimal.
  • User-friendly: simply create designs for your JustLaser Laser Marker in your usual graphics program, just like you would when printing on paper, and send them to the laser marker.
  • Durable: while inkjet marking is not permanent, laser marking has proven to be high-contrast, abrasion-resistant and resistant to heat and chemicals.
  • Cheap: JustLaser Laser Markers not only work efficiently, they also win people over by being relatively cheap to buy. Our technology is characterised by high throughput, high quality and precise results, for both individual and serial production. Investing in a JustLaser Laser Marker pays off after an average of just a few years. If you’re interested, we’ll be happy to calculate your return on investment (ROI)!

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