Felt laser cutting and laser engraving

Creatively and efficiently cut and engrave felt with a laser
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Con le moderne macchine laser di JustLaser non solo il metallo, la plastica o la carta e il cartone possono essere lavorati in modo facile, efficiente e delicato - anche con il taglio laser del feltro e l'incisione laser sarete entusiasti dei risultati di alta qualità. Sia che vogliate fare tagli precisi o rifinire il feltro, i nostri incisori laser JustLaser vi offrono numerose possibilità nella lavorazione dei materiali. Anche i dettagli e i motivi più fini possono essere realizzati con grande precisione grazie alle nostre macchine laser, mentre il processo senza contatto è delicato sul materiale delicato.

Approfittate di un rischio di investimento relativamente basso, di tempi di lavorazione brevi e di risultati precisi con la moderna tecnologia di JustLaser!

Lasers in textile processing

Felt is a particularly versatile, inexpensive and durable material that can be processed quickly, easily and precisely with JustLaser's laser machines. Felt is not a woven textile, but rather a flat textile structure consisting of a disordered fiber material. Felt can be made of sheep's wool as well as chemical or plant fibers. With our JustLaser laser engraver, you can laser cut and laser engrave felt, resulting in a special variety of different design options:

  • Garments
  • coasters
  • Keychains
  • Bags
  • Patches
  • Engraving of patterns, logos, personalizations, brandings

The advantages of laser processing of felt

While felt fabrics have been made and processed by humans since the Bronze Age, JustLaser's modern laser machines offer entirely new possibilities in processing the material. In contrast to the time-consuming cutting or embroidering of textiles by hand, the modern JustLaser laser cutters produce blanks in seconds or burn visible lettering or engravings into the material surface. In addition, the laser machines from JustLaser show in felt laser cutting and laser engraving with a whole range of advantages:

  • Optimum results and maximum precision
  • Maximum efficiency thanks to high throughput rates
  • Precise cut edges without fraying (cut & seal)
  • Refinement through laser marking and laser engraving
  • Hardly any dust formation and therefore little cleaning effort
  • Particularly user-friendly
Our Laser Machines

The laser cutting and laser engraving of felt

Felt laser cutting and laser engraving is completely contactless and thus extremely gentle on the material. This means that the textile does not warp and can be processed in all directions regardless of its fabric structure. Attention: When processing wool felt, charred cutting edges and strong smoke as well as odor development may occur!

The laser machines from JustLaser cut felt particularly efficiently and quickly. At the cutting point, the laser heats the material to such an extent that the heat is dissipated as smoke and thus no damage is caused to the textile. The result: a perfect cut edge. Depending on which fibers were used to make the felt, the cutting result will be slightly different. With synthetic felt, you get a clean, sealed cut edge (cut & seal) that prevents the material from fraying. With natural fibers, you get a brownish discolored cut edge.

Laser marking of felt produces a contrasting, slightly brownish mark with low impact, while laser engraving produces additional depth. Again, the laser process automatically seals the material. Enhance the surface of felt both visually and haptically using laser engraving and give the material unmistakable recognition value thanks to individual logos, personalizations or patterns.

Profit with the laser machines from JustLaser

Felt laser cutting and laser engraving is easy for the modern laser machines from JustLaser - thanks to the efficient and precise technology, even complicated cuts can be implemented without any problems. Due to the non-contact processing method, not only does the cut quality remain consistently high, laser work is also possible in all directions without material distortion.

  • Versatile applications: Using JustLaser laser machines, numerous types of felt in different material thicknesses can be processed quickly and easily.
  • Highest precision: Felt laser cutting and laser engraving are always characterized by the highest precision. Complicated cuts can be implemented just as easily as complex, filigree inscriptions.
  • Gentle process: Since processing is completely contactless, it is not only particularly gentle on the material, laser work is also possible in all directions without material distortion. What's more, there is no tool wear whatsoever.
  • High time and cost efficiency: Felt laser cutting and laser engraving using a laser cutter is significantly faster than with conventional methods. In addition, the material does not need to be fixed or treated with tools. Therefore, there are no ongoing follow-up costs due to frequent tool changes and wear, consumables and sometimes time-consuming maintenance. This allows you to increase your production efficiency.
  • Efficient work processes and maximum cost-effectiveness: Thanks to high throughput speeds, user-friendly operation and comparatively low acquisition costs, our JustLaser laser engravers are among the most efficient technologies when it comes to fast and precise processing of a wide range of materials. We would be happy to calculate your return on investment (RoI). Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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