Advertising: Cutting POS displays easily with a laser

Take advantage of the many opportunities to cut your displays made from acrylic and many other materials using a laser cutter
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Laser-cut POS displays

lasercut pos displays

The process of cutting advertising displays with a laser has established itself as an effective measure for illuminated advertising, POS displays and stand-up displays. Promotional signs, letters and displays in unique shapes can be produced using a laser cutter. There are no limits on your imagination: from simple rectangular cuts to creative shapes – anything is possible with a high-quality JustLaser laser machine. This makes the signs look more interesting and mean target audiences remember them much better. In digital printing, a special finish is usually applied to make a printed wooden or acrylic plate into something unique. You can use a JustLaser Laser Cutter to cut illuminated advertising, displays and signs quickly and easily – the results will win you and your customers over.


There are a number of options when it comes to cutting advertising displays with a laser. Lasers are flexible with regard to shape, contours and material, and guarantee high-quality solutions for every challenge. The following materials are often cut with lasers in advertising:


A JustLaser Laser Cutter is versatile. The process of cutting advertising displays with a laser impresses thanks to its flexibility and speed. Regardless of the material or application – precise results are guaranteed. A range of thicknesses, shapes, letters, templates and patterns can be produced in a cost-effective way. As an “all-rounder”, the laser can process soft materials just as easily as hard or flexible ones. It’s not for nothing that you can find laser-cut signs everywhere nowadays – regardless of whether they’re for schools, museums, bank or company buildings or businesses premises. A number of products in the advertising industry are cut using lasers, such as:


Stand-up displays and illuminated advertising are particularly well-suited to being processed with a laser. Both cast acrylic and extruded acrylic can be cut using a laser. Cast acrylic impresses with a wide selection of colours and thicknesses. Laser engraving produces an aesthetically pleasing matte finish. Crystal-clear edges and perfect right angles are just a couple of the benefits that make laser cutting the technology of choice.

Extruded acrylic is available on thinner plates or film and in fewer colours. It impresses with its cost-effective price. It can be cut quickly and easily using a laser, but, unlike with cast acrylic, no elegant matte finish is produced. The result from laser cutting is just as precise with a sharp burr at the laser’s exit point.

A glossy cut edge is often desired on acrylic when cutting displays with a laser in advertising. An aesthetically impressive, glossy, flame-polished cut edge can be produced depending on the type of acrylic, the system and the requirements.

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As a future-oriented technology, laser cutting is becoming more and more popular in the advertising industry. Unique products with a digital laser finish impress customers and provide them with true added value. The benefits of cutting advertising displays with a laser are obvious:

  • Speed and precision: laser cutting offers significantly higher throughput speeds than milling. The results are impressive: printed materials are cut for a perfect fit thanks to Print & Cut. Signs or illuminated advertising made from transparent acrylic are cut so accurately that no expensive flame polishing is needed anymore. When milled edges sometimes require mechanical polishing, lasers do this in just one step.
  • No fixing necessary: thanks to the contactless process in which no force is exerted, the illuminated advertising does not require to be fixed in place. This means the material remains clean and intact. The laser impresses thanks to its high level of flexibility with regard to contour selection.
  • Optimal cost control: laser beams do not become worn out through processing materials. While milling incurs ongoing costs through material wear and change, lasers impress due to having practically no maintenance costs.
  • Easy to integrate into work processes: JustLaser Laser Cutters can be integrated into your usual graphics program with the laser software easily. Your employees transmit their designs (at a resolution of up to 1,200 dpi) to the laser via print command, and the laser will soon begin working on it. Efficient automation functions make using the laser extremely economically efficient.
  • Perfect results: establish yourself as a high-quality service provider that always delivers products that fit! Even when there are a high number of repetitions, all the results are of a high quality and are cut precisely and accurately.

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